Orly truly in denial


no I did not lose, as the case was never heard on the merits, there was never any discovery. If there is a question of authenticity of a document, a copy, even a certified copy is not acceptable, original needs to be examined. HI refused to provide an original BC or any other original document for Obama
How clueless can one be. She filed many lawsuits and none of them she successfully prosecuted to any other completion that summary dismissal or variations thereof.
There are no merits to Orly’s confused claims. The courts understand, the police, FBI, and the Department of Justice all marvel at the true depth of ignorance portrayed in Orly’s claims.
She is clueless if she believes that any of her ‘evidence’ has any value, in court, or in any investigation. She has nothing that even gets close to a case, and she hopes that she can fool a court into discovery, but even then, she would fail miserably.
However, I believe that Orly cannot accept any responsibility for her string of failures…