Orly totally clueless

Orly write on her site:
9th Circuit included Lindsey case in its’February 13th oral argument docket. In Lindsey the district court confirmed that a candidate who is not eligible should be thrown off the ballot, while in Grinols the same district ruled the opposite. [-( This is flagrant discrimination and bias in favor of the establishment candidate Obama

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Both Lindsey case and my case Grinols et al v Electoral college, Obama, Congress, secretary of State of CA, Governor of CA are now before the 9th Circuit.In Lindsey the Eastern District of Ca confirmed decision of the Se of State to throw of the ballot Peta Lindsey who was not Constitutional y eligible, but the same District refused to take action against Obama, who is even less eligible than Lindsey. Lindsey might not be 355 y.o., but she at least has papers. Obama does not have any papers verifying his identification. :^o:^o:^o

9th Circuit is in catch 22. :lol: This is a clear discrimination. [-( I believe that this discrimination in 2 similar cases will reach both the supreme Court and the Interamerican court for Human rights. =))

Orly has no grasp of reality here, which is that the two cases are clearly distinguishable. But I doubt that Orly understands these subtleties of law. Any first year law student would have no trouble, explaining the differences between these to cases.
And no neither the Supreme Court nor the Interamerican court of Human rights will ever hear this foolish argument.
Has Orly really passed the California Bar, I wonder… She appears to have forgotten so many of the basic.s

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  1. So, just to help Orly because I know she never listens to others unless they are rumors about things that have no relevance…

    In Grinols, Orly argued that the SOS has the DUTY to investigate the eligibility. What Lindsey found is that the SOS MAY investigate.

    The difference is that in Lindsey there was credible evidence that she was ineligible, in the case of Obama, there is no evidence.

    Also, Lindsey was harmed and had standing, Orly has no harm that provides her with standing over anyone else, and she failed to properly serve the parties.

    In other words, Orly will soon find out that the 9th has rejected her ‘case’. I am sure she will take it to SCOTUS to harass the poor justices, but they will deny cert.

    And then it is all over, and Orly can add another loss to her already impressive list of losses.

  2. Mrs. Taitz is cleary in a manic phase. She needs professional help – not from a lawyer but a medical institution.

  3. > Has Orly really passed the California Bar, I wonder…

    She may have turned crazy after passing the bar – maybe brain damage after a stroke or an accident.

  4. Shouldn’t Orly be an Israeli citizen? Shouldn’t she be subject to draft into the IDF? Maybe this is all a ruse so she can be exempt under “Profile 21”.

  5. I may have to go back in time and look at her earliest filings. As far as I remember, she was sloppy in filing late, failing to follow the rules (service for example). Would make perhaps for an interesting case study.

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