AK – Lamb v Obama – Alaska Supreme Court Hearing

GreatGrey at the Fogbow reports on Tom Lamb’s little adventures

FYI – the clock in the 5th floor AK Supreme Court Courtroom is 5 minutes slow. That’s a good thing, just made it in time.

Players: All 5 Justices, Tom Lamb, Empty Chair.

At issue was the decision of the lower court Judge Pilfner’s decision to dismiss Tom’s case because of faulty service and mootness as the election was a done deal.

TL sez the White House was uncooperative, Federal Rules need a signature and Obama wouldn’t sign for anything. Sez he called the Secret Service, the Capitol Police, the WH mailroom, and no one would help. All his mailings were returned, so he tired!

Claimed O is a dual citizen, but that’s impossible cuz Indonesian law doesn’t allow that, so he must be Indonesian. Or maybe Kenyan.

Justice Winfree brought up the bane of birthers – STANDING. Paraphrased, “You keep mentioning the public’s right to know. Are you suing on behalf of “the public”? Are the records you are asking for located in Alaska?

TL replied that well yea, he was kinda suing on behalf of the public. He wouldn’t have to if the damn media would do its job. And no the records aren’t in Alaska, but this is a NATIONAL CRISIS, and there’s an AK law that sez he can vet candidates.

Justice Winfree: So, you’re contending that you can sue any candidate for his school records?

TL: Well yea, but it’s that damn media’s fault. If questions arise.. well just look at Anthony Weiner & Twitter.

He mentioned calling Jill Nagamine. She wasn’t nice to him cuz he sez there is ample evidence that Obama is adopted, therefor there must be an amended BC and she won’t give it to him.

TL then moved to Judge Pilfner’s decision that AK didn’t have jurisdiction, but of course we do because the AK Election Division failed to determine Obama’s qualifications, therefor it was up to people like Tom and the Courts to do it. Mentioned Indiana and how the court there determined something. (I believe I heard him say that Judge Ditz determined Obama not qualified)

Then went off on Occidental records, Foreign Citizen, more Dual Citizen stuff. Said Obama admitted to being a dual Kenya & USA citizen.

So many fantasies… Do they really hate our President that much?

Summary was that if the court didn’t help, he’d get a Congressional Inquiry going.

Now for some fun stuff. The only Justice to as questions was Justice Winfree. He’s a Palin appointee. Here’s a blurb about him getting appointed. Take note of his previous employer, 4th paragraph. http://www.sitnews.us/1107news/111907/1 … nfree.html

Birther heads explode.

And I guess at this point I’m supposed to say “Naught”

And a little behind the scenes:

So after the elevator ride, I asked Tom if Mr. Tepper had ever contacted him. He blamed Orly for giving him bad info that Tepper was Obama’s personal attorney.

Yeah, relying on Orly is never a good idea, I am sure.

I said he was, but just with regard to the Mississippi case. Oh, and did he know that case was going to be resolved in a week? Mentioned that I was gonna be in Los Angeles in a week if he had any messages for Tepper, he didn’t.

He said Orly had muddled up any chance any birther ever had at winning a case. He inquired about Mr. Tepper’s health. He also asked of Orly was in Moldovia, as he was getting hits on his blog from there.

In any case, this was by my count Tom’s third appearance before the AK Supreme Court. The previous two dealt with his divorce.

And.. it sure looked like Tom is gonna go 0-3.