Taitz in Mississippi Burning Part 3

In part 1 and 2 we learned how Orly’s decision to file a RICO complained played directly into the cards of the defendants.

Begley and Tepper are quick to go for the jugular and file a motion in limine asking the court to allow them to cross examine Orly about her financial dealings since it is against the law in Mississippi for someone to be involved in champerty, maintenance and barratry, making it a crime to solicit, request or donate any money or other things of value or any other assistance, as an inducement to any person to commence or prosecute any proceedings in a MS court. Furthermore, they observe that a plaintiff in MS may not frivolously file cases when such issues have already denied such claims, especially against the party. In Orly’s case there is sufficient precedent, created by herself, that places her in the middle of sanction territory.

The Democratic Party of MS also files a reply to Orly’s motion for sanctions and her objections to their motion. Short and sweet.

They also file a motion to require Orly to file an affidavit in support of MS Code 97-5-15 in which she states that she has not received any considerations or inducements to commence her civil actions…

Orly is facing some well motivated lawyers who are ultimately familiar with her shenanigans and who pull out all stops.