Taitz in Mississippi Burning Part 2

In part 1 we explored Taitz’s early failures in filing for summons, as well as perfecting service. We now arrive at March 7, 2012 when the Democrat (sic) Party of MS files a motion to dismiss and a motion for sanctions.

1. Orly is not a qualified elector of the State of MS and thus lacks standing.
2. Orly lacks general standing
3. President Obama is a natural born citizen
4. The SOS of MS nor the Democrat Party have a statutory duty to determine candidate qualifications
5. State courts lack jurisdiction over presidential candidates
6. Complaint is time-barred under the election code. She filed her petition with the Democratic Party on Jan 8, 2012 and should have filed it within 10 days after the qualification deadline which was Jan 14, 2012. The Democratic Party then has 10 days to rule on the petition and Orly has 15 days to file a complaint with the court. Orly did not file her petition until Feb 14, outside the 15 day window.
7. The court should award sanctions against Orly under 11-55-5 and Rule 1 of the MS Rules of Civil Procedure.

On March 19, 2012, the summons are finally executed.

On March 19, 2012, Orly files her opposition to the motion to dismiss filed by the Democrat (sic) Party and asks for sanctions…

She also files a motion for leave to file a first amended complaint and RICO cause of action. This motion will set in motion a whole new set of actions outside the control of Orly.

1. Orly tries to redefine the meaning of the term natural born, against rulings
2. Orly points out that any person can file an objection
3. Orly objects to the argument that the SOS nor the MDEC has a duty to determine the candidate’s qualifications arguing that ‘any person with an average IQ or even minimal intelligence can understand that a party is statutorily obligated’ even though the statute does not state this.… Really… That’s her argument..
4. Orly objects to Begley pointing out that the SOS of MS has no duties under statute…
5. Orly then argues (sic) that her failures to respond in a timely fashion were caused by the Democratic Party…
6. She tries to argue that the motion for sanctions are frivolous but fails to explain why and goes off on a tangent about Obama’s SSN.
7. She then asks for sanctions because the Democratic Party of MS did not take Orly’s claims seriously.. I kid you not… and that they are harassing her… Even though she filed the lawsuit.

Orly is in deep doodoo and the best part has yet to come when she files for leave of court to file a RICO action… She really should have thought more carefully about the legal implications of this foolish and unwise step. Well, she did do the defendants a favor…  One often wonders with Orly as to for whom she is really arguing…