HI – Taitz v. Hawai’ian Memorial Park Mortuary – Orly’s latest mess filed

Orly: Complaint was docketed in Hawaii. There are 30 exhibits, I am very tired, I did not sleep for 48 hours. I will try to post now, if not I will rest and post later
She has dropped the Mortuary and has added a pony: 1) Appeal of a FOIA request that is already under Appeal in another District and was pursued in DC 2) Attempt to be heard by the Grand Jury (sigh) 3) Appeal of subpoena which was already rejected in a previous case and which no longer is active 4)
None if this has much relevance in law and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures. But she does manage to smear a few people, without ANY supporting evidence… Let’s hope the Court keeps open the Order to Show Cause to properly award Orly for her follies…
What a waste of trees and money. And how embarrassing to the legal profession. Why Orly believes that voluminous exhibits of doubtful relevance can somehow overcome her inability to properly argue her issues is beyond me. I guess it is the ‘sling mud and see what sticks’ approach which will fail with the Courts as they have no interest in the exhibits. And she cannot even claim that she is a true pro-se… Shocking how poorly written her filings are and how she just meanders from random approaches to more random approaches, none of which will have any success in the courts.
Do people really take her seriously?