HI – Taitz v. Hawai’ian Memorial Park Mortuary – Court not buying it.

The judge had issued an order to show cause and Orly ‘complied’ by totally missing the OSC request.

Orly loses another one. She is now withdrawing her emergency petition and has allowed the court not to have to file a detailed order. Orly, also tries to pursue Quo Warranto/Qui Tam proceedings, and an Appeal of her FOIA request.

She is not very familiar with the rules of the court… Poor Judge has however kept open the option to show cause…

01/10/2014 9 EO: In her response to the court’s Order To Show Cause Why Action Should Not Be Dismissed, Plaintiff states that she is withdrawing her Emergency Petition for Stay/Preliminary Injunction of Cremation of the Alleged Remains of Deceased Loretta Fuddy. This court has already denied the Emergency Petition, so the withdrawal is untimely. However, the court deems the withdrawal to indicate that Plaintiff is not seeking the detailed written order that the court had indicated would be forthcoming. The court therefore will not be issuing a detailed written order denying the Emergency Petition, and its earlier minute order will be the only order denying the Emergency Petition. The court’s Order To Show Cause remains under consideration by this court.. (JUDGE SUSAN OKI MOLLWAY)(tbf, )