Educating the confused – Loretty Fuddy Financial Disclosures 2011/2012

Some rumors were started by irresponsible people who suggested that Loretta Fuddy’s financial disclosures may have shown evidence of a bribe (I am not kidding here… clueless…). So let’s explore…

Name:  Loretta Fuddy
Address: 1629 Waikahalulu Lane A211

Her 2012 financial disclosure shows a property which did not show up in 2011, valued at $500,000 at this address, but the records show that she owned the property since it was built in 1992. So the more likely explanation is that she moved but did not sell her property. Alternatively, she decided to mention her personal property, even though she need not have listed it.

People are so clueless…

The tax information for the property shows that Fuddy is indeed the owner

TMK 170090370007
Site Address 1629 WAIKAHALULU LN
Apartment No. A/211
Property Class Residential
Total Parcel Area Acres
Zoning U/11/11
Owner Owner Type

The sale history shows that it was only sold once, after it had been built in 1992:

Instrument Date Sale Amount Instrument # Instrument Type Recordation Date Land Court Doc# Certificate Number Book/Page
07/26/1993 $409,900 9300124015 FEE CONVEYANCE 07/30/1993 /
07/01/1993 $409,900 FEE CONVEYANCE /
09/02/1992 9200159011 09/30/1992 /

Vogt also make foolish claims about Fuddy, and how she was targeted. What a despicable person… No evidence, just pure speculation.

In 2012, Fuddy paid off $104,000 of her mortgage, $10,000 in credit card debts, and added $36,000 on an equity line of credit with the Hawaii Federal Credit Union. Vogt is claiming, without any understanding or knowledge of her savings, that this shows evidence of some nefarious source of income. How foolish.

Drawing conclusions like these that have no support in independent evidence other than a foolish claim of forgery, is an insult to the memory of Loretta Fuddy.