Debunking Orly – Harry Bounel

At the Fogbow, a poster named Fre presents an impressive research that tracks the genealogy of the person identified as Harry Bounel in the 1940 census, as to the Harrison J Bounel who showed up as a spurious entry in the Axciom database, it has been shown that dozens of names have shown up over time, tied to President Obama’s SSN. Such is the nature of these unreliable databases. However, when looking at the actual SSA records, no such person can be found. Orly, once again, is shown to remain empty handed. But that will not stop her from filing foolish lawsuits.
It is my belief that the man identified as Harry Bounel in the 1940 Census was actually a man named Harry Boymel, born September 15,1886. It’s my belief Mrs Julius simply guessed he was “about 50” and either she or the enumerator misspelled his surname.

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Harry Boymel was Russian born, arrived in the USA on October 18, 1910 with his wife Bella and eventually became a “fruit seller”. The ship’s log shows their names were originally Gersch and Beile Baumel, but all subsequent records list them as Harry and Bella Boymel, with several misspellings of the surname in the census records. … plz0q3dpid … plz0q3dpid

Harry and Bella settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began their family -children Julius(later changed to Jules)1912 – 1999, Bernard 1915 – 1978, and Ruth 1924-. Harry applied for US citizenship in 1915 and it was finalized in 1920. … plz0q3dpid

In spite of a lack of formal education Harry was doing well. The 1920 Census shows they owned their home and Harry was the owner of a fruit store. … plz0q3dpid

And then came the Depression. I cannot find the family in the 1930 Census. I believe Harry lost the store. The 1940 Census has Harry, married but alone, working in a fruit store in NY and states he lived in the same place in 1935. Bella and Ruth are living with Bella’s brother in PA, and Bella is listed as married and lived in NY in 1935. … plz0q3dpid

Harry’s 1942 Draft Registration shows him working in a store in New Jersey. Ruth is listed as the “relative who will always know where he is.” I think Bella died between 1940 and 42. … plz0q3dpid

The boy’s records show they were college graduates. Harry later resided with his son Bernard in Washington, DC, and that is where he died. His SS number is not from Connecticut. … plz0q3dpid

Side note: I bet he was really proud of his granddaughter. … =159871348

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  1. Harrison Bounel applied for Soc Sec number when he needed to apply for Medicare to enter nursing home in Connecticut. Social security numbers (the first three digits) have been. Until legislation this tear, tied to specific states. 042 is tied to Ct.

  2. There is no evidence of a Harison Bounel in the records. And Social security numbers used to be tied to the zip code of the return address, which explains why our President could have gotten a CT SSN. Of course, we know that President Obama used his 042 number earliest in 1980. The foolish ideas that somehow he stole a SSN remains unsupported by any relevant data.

  3. The geographic codes weren’t assigned or set up by legislation. They were set up originally to make it easier for offices in different locations to assign numbers without inadvertent duplications. Legislation wasn’t needed to change the process. I’m not even sure if that would have been a regulation. More like a policy.

  4. Good points. All it takes is one mistake in reading a return zip code and you may end up with a SSN from another state. Nothing mysterious about that, the system still granted a valid SSN.

    We know that President Obama used his SSN on his selective services form, so he has had the SSN since at least 1980/1981 but more likely since he worked at Baskin Robbins.

  5. Until legislation this tear, tied to specific states. 042 is tied to Ct.

    Some history

    The Area Number is assigned by the geographical region. Prior to 1972, cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country and the Area Number represented the State in which the card was issued. This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived, since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security office. Since 1972, when SSA began assigning SSNs and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card.


    Note: One should not make too much of the “geographical code.” It is not meant to be any kind of useable geographical information. The numbering scheme was designed in 1936 (before computers) to make it easier for SSA to store the applications in our files in Baltimore since the files were organized by regions as well as alphabetically. It was really just a bookkeeping device for our own internal use and was never intended to be anything more than that.


  6. As to SSN Randomization, researchers had shown how one could pretty accurately guess SSN’s.

    See for example

    Thus an effort to introduce randomization was made and implemented.

    The SSA implemented the new assignment methodology on June 25, 2011.

    The project is a forward looking initiative of the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help protect the integrity of the SSN by establishing a new randomized assignment methodology. SSN Randomization will also extend the longevity of the nine-digit SSN nationwide.

  7. There is the following person

    Name: Harry S Bonnel
    Birth: abt 1860 – Connecticut
    Residence: 1910 – city, New Haven, Connecticut

    SSA started in 1935 but the SSN was assigned in 1977 so this does not really add up as the person would have been quite old.

  8. Given Name: Harrison
    Middle Name:
    Surname: Bonnel
    Name Suffix:
    Birth Date: 9 July 1897
    Social Security Number: 136-12-6935
    State: New Jersey
    Last Place of Residence: Broward, Florida
    Previous Residence Postal Code: 33308
    Event Date: September 1978
    Age: 81

    Given Name: H
    Middle Name:
    Surname: Bonnell
    Name Suffix:
    Birth Date: 2 June 1895
    Social Security Number: 528-09-2059
    State: Utah
    Last Place of Residence: Davis, Utah
    Previous Residence Postal Code: 84015
    Event Date: February 1971
    Age: 76

    Given Name: H
    Middle Name:
    Surname: Bonnell
    Name Suffix:
    Birth Date: 14 July 1906
    Social Security Number: 283-05-9820
    State: Ohio
    Last Place of Residence: Old Fort, Seneca, Ohio
    Previous Residence Postal Code: 44861
    Event Date: May 1981
    Age: 75

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