Happy 2014

Another year has passed and the birthers have gotten no closer to getting their silly ideas taken seriously. After the Cold Case Posse announced that they had discovered 100% certain evidence of forgery, they were unable to address the Xerox Workflow, which trivially recreates the observed “artifacts” that were ruled by CCP ‘experts’ to be evidence of forgery.

Orly continues her almost manic attempts to figure out how to file legal documents, serve them properly, and most importantly: how to read and parse them correctly. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, she still believes that President Obama is using a ‘stolen SSN’, which used to be owned by H. Bounel. In her efforts to properly file FOIA requests, she has now extended her lawsuits to include Qui Tam and Quo Warranto proceedings. Given her previous failures in this area, I predict complete failure to properly file and follow the procedures outlined.

Walt continues his quixotic quest to convince anyone that the Court in TN cannot appoint a foreperson of the Grand Jury for multiple consecutive terms and continues to run into problems with the law. As was the case with his Court Martial, he ‘explains’ his failures through an ever expanding conspiracy and cover up.

Anything else worth mentioning?

Happy 2014. It has been another fun year of debunking birthers and the Xerox Work Flow will remain a proud though minor achievement on my part in unraveling the ‘mystery’ of the WH Long Form PDF. Trying to educate the CCP has been a lot of fun, even though it has resulted in little understanding on their part as to the foolishness of so many of their claims.