Walt on Darren Huff – Part 1

Walt has written extensively on Darren Huff

LEOs were put on notice regarding the necessity, the authority and the intent to carry out a series of Citizens’ arrests on 8 March 2010. We asked for their assistance.

Instead, all we heard was the cricket laugh-track.

For good reason: There was no reason to support a legal foundation for arrest, let alone citizens’ arrests. Walt may have believed that some felony was being committed but the courts have been clear. Furthermore, accepting that citizens’ arrest can be legal under certain circumstances, none of these circumstances appear to apply in this case. Instead, Walt interrupted an official Grand Jury hearing, and tried to ‘arrest’ the foreman of the Jury, Mr Pettway. That was a foolish act and led to his subsequent arrest and conviction by a jury of his peers.

When questioned, Darren Huff reaffirmed his intent to carry out the lawful exercise of Citizens’ arrest.

So the FBI and prosecution was correct that Darren Huff had the intent to carry out citizens’ arrests, which Walt/Sharon, consider to be a ‘lawful exercise’?… This was exactly the reason why Darren was found guilty: He had transported firearms across state lines with the intent for them to be used in a civil disturbance. It’s a very simple question which was answered by the Jury with a guilty verdict.

Darren told FBI Special Agent Chuck Reed that if there were any problems, to give Darren a call.

Reed never called.

Darren drove to Madisonville.

And entered into history… Of course, the FBI has no reason to stop Darren from violating US law and it is somewhat silly that this has been raised as an excuse… Well, the FBI did not stop me so it must have been legal. Darren would have done best if he had gotten some legal advice before setting out on his quest.

Walt himself outlines the circumstances that led to his own arrest

Mr. Pettway and others were subsequently placed under Citizen’s arrest during the scheduled assembly of the Monroe County grand jury on the first Thursday in April 2010 in the brick and mortar County Courthouse.

Admitting that he indeed interrupted an assembly of the Monroe County grand jury and tried to place Mr Pettway under citizen’s arrest, a rather foolish step. Especially since Pettway was a lawful foreperson of the Grand Jury, who indeed is appointed by the Judge and can be appointed for multiple consecutive periods. The foreperson is not summoned to serve on the Grand Jury but rather is hand selected by the Judge.

A judge not present in the Courthouse counter attacked and ordered my arrest for misdemeanor charges of riot, disorderly conduct and disrupting a meeting.

Which seems reasonable given stated Walt’s intentions and the case was taken to a Grand Jury and subsequently to a petite jury, who found Walt guilty.

A Madisonville jury on Wednesday found Walter Fitzpatrick III guilty of disrupting a meeting and resisting arrest. He was found not guilty of retaliation and civil rights intimidation.

Source: WBIR

Darren Huff had operated a video camera and captured footage of the Citizen’s arrest inside the courthouse.  I had never met Darren prior to April 1 and had no contact with him afterward.

Which led to Darren’s pleading as to his role in the April 1 disturbance.