Educating the Confused – Walt’s “commands” Part 2

Walt has been doing a lot of ‘commanding’ and I already addressed his claim about FBI Special Agent van Balen. However, Walt’s real issue is not Huff as much as Walt’s foolish quest to appear before the Grand Jury to inform them about all these ‘great crimes’ he has ‘documented’.

Of course, none of the agency Walt contacted with these ‘great crimes’ was very impressed by them, for obvious reasons. Walt’s quest mirrors in many ways what happened after his Court Martial conviction and over time the ‘conspiracy’ had to grow because everyone who looked at it, disagreed with Walt’s conclusions and thus had to be named as a co-conspirator.

So now we get to Walt’s Quixotic Quest:

Mr. Huff’s presence in Madisonville Tennessee on Tuesday 20 April 2010 was due to the discovery that Mr. Gary Pettway had stood in the Monroe County Tennessee grand jury as its foreman for twenty-eight (28) consecutive years.

As I have carefully documented, the legal tradition in Tennessee has always been one in which the Court selects the foreperson of the grand jury and appoints him/her for a two year period. In addition, since the foreperson is appointed, such a foreperson can be re-appointed for consecutive periods of time. There is nothing illegal about Mr Pettway having been the foreperson of the Grand Jury of Monroe County for 14 consecutive times.

Thus Walt continues with his follies:

Mr. Gary Pettway testified at Mr .Huff’s October 2011,  federal trial passing himself off as a lawful and legal juror who was the objects of Mr. Huff’s “thoughts” on Tuesday 20, April 2011

Mr. Pettway committed per jury by so testifying.

One may consider the use of the term ‘thoughts’ as perhaps perjurous but otherwise, Pettway did represent him in a correct manner. Mr Pettway is and was the foreperson of the Grand Jury when Walt, accompanied by Huff, illegally interrupted a meeting of the Grand Jury in an effort to ‘arrest’ Mr Pettway. Huff pled guilty and Walt was taken to trial and convicted by a jury of his peers.

Carl Swensson posted the following youtube video. Carl later found out that he too had been indicted. The state charges against Swensson were later dismissed, with the curious notation about how he helped the prosecution.

“Carl Swensson of Georgia told The Post & Email today that he received notification by U.S. mail in the form of three court papers, each stating that a charge against him was “nolle prosequi.” All of the charges brought against Swensson have now been dismissed.”

“Nolle Prosequi” means the charges will not be prosecuted. It’s not a dismissal. So why are they not prosecuting??

“After speaking with Carl Swensson this morning regarding the paperwork received from the Monroe County court, Swensson stated that the prosecutor and judge did not issue “an outright dismissal” of the charges against him. He said that the “dismissed” box was crossed out and the box “Nolle prosequi” had been checked off with the accompanying statement:

Defendant provided information and material pertinent to the prosecution of co-defendants Walter Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff.”

The April 20, 2011 event involved an assignment hearing for Walt and the internet had been buzzing with people boasting that they would be showing up in Madisonville to support Walt in his foolish quest. The local police had received various reports that caused sufficient concern for them to call in several swat teams and any plans that may have existed to ‘take over the court’ and ‘arrest people’ were effectively countered by the police presence. In an interesting revision of history, this event is now portrayed as merely a gathering of concerned people who happened to carry their guns with them…

Huff has described himself as a member of the Georgia militia and Oath Keepers, a part of the so-called “birther” movement that disputes President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship. Before his arrest, he told the FBI and authorities in Tennessee that he was going to Madisonville to support Walter Fitzpatrick in trying to arrest local officials.

Source: CBS News October 25, 2011

A bank manager interviewed by the FBI said Huff told him in April that Fitzpatrick was falsely arrested. The bank manager also said that Huff said he was in the Georgia Militia and there was a plan for eight or nine militia groups to “take over the city” of Madisonville on April 20, according to the news report.

Huff was interviewed by FBI agents at his home on April 19. He told the agents he planned to travel to Tennessee to get Fitzpatrick’s charges dropped. He said he’d be taking his hand gun and AK-47 rifle with him. Huff assured the agents there would be no violence unless he was provoked.

Source: SPL Center

The call had gone out, and on Rise up for America, the following was posted by Carl Swensson.

Come on down to Madisonville, TN on the 20th where we can show support for another Oath Keeper (in the truest sense of the words) Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick III (Ret) who was, on the 1st of April, arrested while performing a legal citizen’s arrest. Seems the local police and Sheriffs don’t really know that much about their own TN Constitution or the U.S. one either and we must be there to show them what it all means. Fitzpatrick has put his life, honor and fortune on the line for every one of you and now it’s time to honor that sacrifice by being there to show support as he has his day in court. I will be there just as I was when he was arrested. I will finish the job he started by affecting (again) the citizen’s arrest of these out of control politicians (copies of the criminal complaint and arrest warrant can be found here). The call went out then and only two (2) Oath Keepers showed up. Is this the kind of showing you guys, ahem, I’m also a member, are accustomed to?

Let there be no doubt, they know we’re coming and only by having a large number of Patriots show up can we begin to affect the kind of meaningful change this country wants and needs. No less than the repatriation of America with its God given rights as expressed in the Constitution. That very document we all took an oath to uphold and defend.

Source: Oh for Goodness sakes