Darren Huff – Golden Oldies Youtube April 20, 2011

Darren cannot keep his mouth shut. I warned him about all this several times… Then again, Walt also loves to talk… I really think they have far more in common than they may realize. Darren speaks after his infamous traffic stop and continues to explain his intentions for going to Madisonville. Explanations which will later come to haunt him.

HT: Crooks and Liars

“What we do intend is to effect some legal citizens’ arrests” @5:20

Darren made it trivially simple for the prosecution to make its case. Loudmouth? Perhaps, but contrary to the revisionist history of what happened in Madisonville, Darren provided all the necessary components for his conviction. Now Darren may believe that calling something a citizen’s arrest makes it legal, however the law is particularly clear about the circumstances in which a citizen’s arrest may proceed. As Leo pointed out later, if they had asked him, he would have advised against citizen’s arrest.