CA – Taitz v Obama – Appeal rehearing denied, case complete

Another success… Noone even showed up as Orly failed to properly serve them. Not that it mattered, Orly, once again managed to lose a case to an empty chair.

4th Appellate District Division 3

Docket (Register of Actions)
Taitz v. Obama et al.
Case Number G047746

10/23/2013 Cause argued and submitted. Merits. Cause called. Appellant Orly Taitz argued in propria persona. No appearance by respondent. Cause submitted.

10/31/2013 Opinion filed. (Signed Unpublished) Affirmed. Ikola Fybel Thompson

11/13/2013 Returned document for non-conformance. aplt faxed a motion for reconsideration received by fax on 11/13/13, not a fax file document thus no action will be taken by this court. ( Aplt faxed over motion twice to the court both fax rejected ).

11/14/2013 Rehearing petition filed. filed by aplt Orly Taitz.

11/14/2013 Order on motion filed. Appellant’s motion for reconsideration of the order on appeal received on November 13, 2013 is DEEMED a petition for rehearing. The clerk of this court is ordered to file the petition for rehearing forthwith.

11/18/2013 Order denying rehearing petition filed. THE COURT:* The petition for rehearing is DENIED. Ikola/Fybel/ Thompson

01/02/2014 Remittitur issued.

01/02/2014 Case complete.