Walt back at it again… Emergency writ of Mandamus US v Huff

Walt Fitzpatrick, whose flawed understandings of TN statute, rules and laws about the foreperson of the grand jury have led to foolish actions resulting in jail time, is back at it again. He has filed something he calls an “emergency writ of mandamus” in Darren Huff’s appeal accusing anyone and anything of being criminally complicit…

This time he “commands” that the court releases Darren Huff, and “commands” various other things he believes the court should do. Why the Court should pay attention to Walt’s musings is beyond me though.

I am commanding you to recognize this fraud and release Navy Veteran Darren Wesley Huff as an innocent man.I demand and command that Mr.Huff’s innocence be publicly and loudly declared and that Mr. Huff’s name be cleared causing to expunge all government records naming Mr Huff a criminal in matters related to his case that have come into existence since April 2010.

As usual, he bases his ‘commands’ on a flawed understanding of issues of law. However, just like his foolish attempts to effect a “citizen’s arrest” resulted in jail time for him and Darren, this time, again, he seems to be dragging another poor soul down into the morasses of his ‘legal arguments’, potentially resulting in violence or intent to commit such violence.

One other man who has been regularly defeated in attempting to bring to the attention of a sitting grand jury those actions of a corrupt government and particularly those actions taken against Mr.Huff wrote this yesterday:

In Devvy Kidd’s piece today she refers to the movie “Open Range” where Kevin Costner tells the complainer who asks what he can do. “You’re men ain’t you?” The complainer says he didnt raise his sons to get killed, to which Costner replies:”You may not know this, but there’s things that gnaw on a man worse than dying.”

Darren’s hearing is one of those incremental crossroads things where we take an extra large step further into servitude it [sic] the state prevails.

I am sure no one will die if they make a stand. To put their name to paper and send it to a judge or stand with Darren in the courtroom will not get anyone killed. But to not make a stand and continue the incessant pecking on a computer keyboard will accomplish nothing.

Walt[I’m Walt] has nailed the dire circumstances involved in this hearing. If the state succeeds it will hamper the future efforts of all activists,but most specifically veterans.

The state motto in New Hampshire is: “Live Free or Die.” That’s what Costner was referring to. Are we there yet?

Getting close…

It were similar statements that led to Darren and others to gather in Monroe County to, as Darren stated so eloquently “take over the town”. Combined with Darren’s decision to take his weapons across state lines with the intent of them being used unlawfully during a civil disturbance this led to Darren’s incarceration and conviction by his peers.

Once again Walt insists that his follies be heard by a Grand Jury, even though he has been told several times now, that there is no right to be heard by the Grand Jury. Of course, Walt still is quite confused about how the foreperson of the grand jury is selected and appointed, as I have pointed out many times by now.

Fascinating how he repeats the same behavior so predictably.

Let me predict: The court will ignore Walt’s ‘commands’ as lacking standing, failure to state a claim and various other legal short comings.