Orly clowning around with FOIA

Second FOIA request for information sent to Dori Salcedo, Chief FOIA officer of Department of Health and Human Services. HHS is obligated to respond by January 27, 2014 and provide information whether Obama is indeed enrolled in spite of his use of a stolen SSN and what safeguards were placed by Sebelius and HHS to prevent illegal aliens and others from enrolling in ACA (Obamacare) while using stolen and fabricated Social Security numbers

She is asking for a published document and for data which are exempt from FOIA. What a fail… And she still cannot send it to the correct address.

Really, Orly sends off 100+ pages of drivel but fails to make anything that seems to be relevant to FOIA.

Par for the course… That’s why we love her as she manages to misdirect and keep the birthers busy doing nothing. Soros would be proud.