Vogt debunked – 20 Shades of Vogt

And excellent overview of Vogt and his ‘arguments’ by Frank Arduini. A fascinating read indeed.

And I get a shoutout… So heart warming 😉

It is important to stress again that according to the “official” workflow this is the only point at which the analog paper is converted into a digital image. Therefore, all of the digital “anomalies” flogged by birthers must, if the certificate is authentic, be explained by this single step. A simple Xerox Workcentre workflow has been conclusively shown to account for all the alleged digital “anomalies” in the Whitehouse.gov PDF. It was discovered and comprehensively proved in a tour de force of amateur forensic research by a team of anti-birther bloggers lead by “nbc” of the Native and Natural Born Citizenship Explored blog at https://nativeborncitizen.wordpress.com/. Although rejected out of hand by most birthers, no serious challenge to the Xerox workflow has ever been publicly offered by any advocate of the forgery theory.


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  1. I’ve only read the first 15 or 16 pages, but I’ll assume you didn’t disappoint by phoning in the rest 😉
    I’d call it “a high-quality, professional piece” (and I’ve actually been a professional writer at a few points in my career, so I know whereof I speak). I encourage you to shop it around to sites like Salon: it deserves wider exposure, and you deserve to get paid for it.
    I do take issue with one thing, though: I also encourage you to cut the whole sentence about Vogt’s motivations and the “Dunning-Kruger Effect”. It sinks below the tone of the rest of the piece, and people like D’Souza have given that kind of armchair psychoanalysis a particularly bad (but deserved, in my pet-peeve-based opinion) rep. Contrasted with all the very harsh, yet thoroughly substantiated, criticism of Vogt’s and Irey’s competence, it feels like a mere cheap shot.
    You’ve done a great service here, especially for people who are smart, but not geeks: you’ve presented some _very_ technical topics in ways that non-geeks can understand.
    Congratulations on a job well done.

  2. John, the CCP has told you in the past that their evidence is rock solid and beyond a reasonable doubt, that only human manipulation could create the layers in the PDF, that the codes on the BC meant “Not Stated”. Isn’t time you realized that until the “evidence” is actually revealed that words like “ironclad” are meaningless.

  3. Now we have the CCP debunked, Vogt debunked and poor John still holds out hope that the CCP has uncovered something real? Why is the Sheriff’s kit still spreading myths that have been debunked? Why are they misinforming congress?…

    Ask yourself that simple question: If the CCP had such earth shattering evidence, why would it still be peddling its earlier failures?

  4. Isn’t time you realized that until the “evidence” is actually revealed that words like “ironclad” are meaningless.

    Ironclad in CCP terminology means that the investigators cannot explain it therefor it must be something relevant. When others show that the ignorance can be explained by a simple workflow, they just move on, pretending that nothing happened.

    Is that the kind of research and investigation you would expect from professionals? Heck, from amateurs?…

  5. The legal job of the Cold Case Posse got exponentially more difficult this month when the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors agreed to pay $7.5 million in damages to settle two Arpaio false arrest of political adversaries lawsuits. Anything the least bit political involving the Maricopa County Sheriff is going to be challenged as being a politically motivated witch hunt (and quite correctly so).

  6. The newest version is here. I’m still correcting typos.

  7. historiandude, from your report:
    “With the single exception of a baby who died almost immediately after birth, all the names fall into alphabetical order by surname.”

    You could point out that the child (Sunahara) was also not born at Kapiolani but at Wahiawa General Hospital. That hospital is outside the Honolulu city limits and for statistical purposes the US government divided the county of Honolulu into two geographic regions, inside the Honolulu city limits and the rest of Honolulu County.

  8. And it may have been that the baby’s birth was not registered until the death certificate was filed which needed a birth certificate number.

  9. Using the 1961 Vital Statistics in the United States – Natality, we can sorta figure out which numbers were assigned in which month (assuming 00001 was the first number assigned each year). For example, the Ah’nee BC would have been the third one numbered in August, 1961.

    IIRC, Edith Coats should have a much lower number than 08498 for someone with the last name beginning with “C”. She was born at the same hospital as Sunahara but in 1962.

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