Orly and reading comprehension

On Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio Dr. Orly Taitz today Orly Taitz expressed her complete joy at being vindicated by the Obama administration when it was reported by FOX News Ed Henry that healthcare.gov could not verify his (Obama’s) identity when they went to sign up the resident foe ObamaCare.

The explanation is quite simple: President Obama’s records are not easily publicly available for these services and thus he needed to go in to validate his eligibility. Of course, he passed easily.

It’s because some clueless birthers decided to try to hack President Obama’s SSN records that the number has been taken off-line.

Orly never has understood these simple facts and still insists on believing, against all common sense, that the President failed e-verify.

And thus Orly will continue to fail and fail again, much to the amusement of those who are pulling her strings.