Orly – Beyond belief

Now Orly is sending off her flying monkies to Arlington National Cemetary to take a picture of a grave of a black guy… Alternatively, she asks people to use Google Earth… What a moran…

This may be a hoax or an error, but I need a supporter in DC to take a picture of a grave in Arlington National cemetery: Section 5, Number 40, 3rd grave[/b]

Arlington National Cemetery, Section 5, Number 40, 3rd grave.

initials on the grave are T.M.

Please, take a few pictures, including the date of birth, date of death, and name on the gravesite. Maybe even take a few pictures of the graves around it so that no one can tamper with the evidence.

Not coincidentally TM was an African-American

Does anyone have Google Earth to take a picture of this grave


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