OC Weekly – Bat Shit Nuts Orly Taitz Tries to Stop Cremation of Hawaiian Official Who Verified Obama’s Birth Certificate

As close readers know, South County attorney/dentist/real estate saleslady Orly Taitz has proven to be pretty flippin’ nuts when it comes to her quixotic legal quest to remove Barack Obama as president on grounds he was not born in the United States.

But she has now managed to top (lower?) herself, suing a funeral home to stop the cremation of a Hawaiian state official who released Obama’s birth certificate and died in a recent plane crash.

Source: OC Weekly

A funny quote

Keeping Fuddy’s body on ice could give Taitz time to prove Obama was behind her death, she reasons. But Hawai’i’s chief judge, obviously in no mood for this shit, thew the case out minutes after it was docketed. That, of course, sets the judge up to be the next target of Rancho Santa Margarita-based Taitz, who is already holding out a virtual hand for online donations so she can file still more legal funny papers related to Fuddy’s demise.

Yeah, Orly is not the smartest when it comes to filing almost anything legal but she is quick to ask her ‘followers’ to pay for her follies.