Is birtherism dead? Taitz moving on ?

Even Orly appears to have abandoned her foolish attempts and is now moving to file cases in which judges applied our Constitution when ruling in favor of same sex marriage.

While she does not appear to understand our Constitution (she is from Moldavia after all), she more foolishly believes that she can somehow sue in Utah and Colorado, and worse, that she can sue federal judges. She is so clueless. Her latest filing in Colorado fails to even get close to standing. Worse, she is not even filing as a pro-se and thus needs to be admitted for practice in Colorado before she could proceed.

I am not sure why she wants to deny same sex couples the same Constitutional rights extended to others, but she does seem to have grown tired of her continued failures in pursuing her follies against President Obama. Needless to say, she will be equally effective in her new venture as she has been in most anything she has done.

There is a God after all 😉