Orly– hitting a new low.

Press Release: Mortuary director Virginia Donato states that the family refuses to confirm that the body of Loretta Fuddy will not be cremated on Saturday. Emergency petition for a stay/preliminary injunction of cremation was filed with the US District Court in Honolulu

Orly totally has lost total sense of reason and decency…And she has the gall to ask for donations… Have the continuous failures finally caused her to ‘snap’?

Of course, given Orly’s legal failures, I have no doubt that by the time she sorts out how to properly file such an injunction, it will be late 2014…

Orly used to be entertaining in his inabilities to deal with legal issues, and her legal failures, however her latest antics have become totally indecent and I hope that Dr Fuddy’s family sues Orly for intentional infliction of emotional distress…


14 thoughts on “Orly– hitting a new low.

  1. Good job Orly! We must know how Fuddy died and what the autopsy reveals. There are some very disturbing elements to this case and we can’t afford cremation to wipe away the evidence.

  2. I feel great sympathy for Fuddy’s family. But we must know. Fuddy might have murdered. We can’t just let go without have some of justice for Fuddy. Questions must be answered.

  3. Re: “I feel great sympathy for Fuddy’s family. But we must know. Fuddy might have murdered.”

    If there were any indication that Fuddy was murdered, his family would have asked for an investigation.

  4. In Orly’s disturbed world, where she has convinced herself, against all evidence that the birth certificate is false, she is forced to believe the unbelievable, pursue the inconceivable, all in name of ‘Orly’.

  5. I knew that John would support the despicable actions of Orly…

    Pathetic John, truly pathetic, even for you.

  6. This is not about justice for Fuddy, it’s about the ego of someone who has failed at all steps to get evidence about President Obama and is now harassing innocent people during a time of emotional distress.

    Yes, I too hope for some justice for Fuddy and an intentional emotional distress lawsuit would be a wonderful way to achieve this.

  7. And as expected Orly has no idea how to file a proper injunction… She claims to have filed a 60+ page document… Unreal how she believes that she can achieve an injunction…

    Then again, given her shown “abilities”, I am not surprised… As usual, she can mess it up all by herself…

  8. Perhaps Orly is involved in a form of ‘performance art’? What else could possibly explain her antics?

  9. The Fuddy autopsy was completed days ago and the Maui County medical examiner is awaiting toxicology results to come back from the lab. Those results take more time. Then the Medical Examiner will release the report on cause of death.

  10. Of course, you and I understand how things work. Orly however manages to mess up almost anything by failure to understand the rules, the logic, the circumstances…

    What a failure she has been.

  11. Orly has no idea how to prevent the funeral from taking place, she fails to understand that she really has no standing, that she if pursuing the wrong target with the wrong filings.

    What a mess… But if the family is forced to respond with a lawyer, they may as well take Orly to the cleaners for her inexcusable behavior.

  12. The federal court in Honolulu has already denied Taitz’s request for an injunction. The Loretta Fuddy funeral will proceed today (Saturday) as planned.
    As always, Taitz failed to file the paperwork properly but a smart court clerk filled out a required cover sheet for Taitz so that the judge would have no reason to delay rejecting Taitz’s request.

  13. “We must know how Fuddy died and what the autopsy reveals.”
    In a word: no. As citizens of the U.S. (and, in some cases, Hawaii), there is ONLY one thing we “must know”: “Are there circumstances of her death that indicate it should be investigated by law enforcement?”. If the answer is “No”, then it is NONE OF OUR *$%#ING BUSINESS whether she had a heart attack, bled out from internal injuries, or died of hypothermia because her elderly system couldn’t cope with even the relatively warm waters around Hawaii. Or whether she was drunk, had been snorting cocaine, or was/was not taking whatever medications might have been prescribed for her.
    As a matter of courtesy, it would be nice of the coroner’s office to let those outside her immediate family who cared about her know whether she suffered.
    As a matter of public policy, it would be appropriate to announce whether she might have been saved if there had been more local rescue resources, or if the plane had (also) had a life raft, etc, so the public could intelligently weigh whether the costs more resources and/or regulations would would outweigh the benefits. But even that is optional, since this type of event is rare, and the loss of a single life does not have enough impact on society as a whole to make it likely that the public would engage in such a debate.
    What certainly does NOT justify publicizing the details is the morbid curiosity of a bunch of ghouls and conspiracy nuts.
    Go find something wholesome to jerk off to, and leave Ms. Fuddy’s corpse alone.

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