CA – Grinols v Obama – The follies continue

Poor Orly, when asked if she would consent to a 30 day extension for the defendants to file their response, she said that she would consent, if they would consent to forwarding her complaints to the criminal division or to a Grand Jury…

The defense filed a notice with the court that they had asked Orly and that:

I discussed this request with Orly Taitz, counsel for Plaintiffs- Appellants, who stated that she would object to the request for a 30-day extension of time unless the “evidence of criminal activity” contained in appellants’ papers were forwarded to the criminal department of the California Attorney General’s office.

That was quite funny and now the Court has granted the motion for extension.

Orly, still clueless as to what happened:

They noted that I requested to transfer the evidence to the criminal department, but there is no proof any evidence was actually transferred to the criminal division.
Given her latest misguided attempts to get FOIA responses from Hawaii, related to the unfortunate death of Dr Fuddy, I surely hope that the courts wisen up to her ‘professionalism’.
After releasing the unredacted birth certificate of Johanna, causing significant damage to the Cold Case Posse’s claims, she is now diverting attention to Fuddy. Soros will be happy 😉