Fitzpatrick Court Martial – Lt Zeller Memo Clemency Request

MEMORANDUM                                                                                                      31 MAY 1990

From: 006 (1)
To: 00
Via: 01 ___x(2)__ 02______

Subj: Convening Authority Action ICO LCDR Fitzpatrick

Sir, enclosed are the action and the Letter of Reprimand ordered awarded by the court members in the subject case. Also enclosed is a clemency request from the defense counsel in which he recommends that you disapprove the findings of the court, essentially overturning the court-martial, based on his· opinion that a court was not the proper forum. This contention is somewhat ironic in view of the fact that the accused was offered a fair hearing at mast and refused that opportunity. I strongly recommend that clemency not be granted, and that the sentence of the court-martial be carried out as adjudged. Your execution of the action and the letter will execute the sentence.

Very Respectfully,

T.W. Zeller

Note: The codes 00, 01 and 02 indicate RADM Bitoff, CAPT Edwards (Chief of Staff), CAPT Romanski (Deputy Chief of Staff)

(2) Initialed Concur 6/1