Fuddy – Let the Conspiracies Begin


Do birthers think they’re living within the highly-improbable, politically murderous world of the TV show Scandal?

As soon as USA Today broke the story wide on its website, conspiracy theory sites like WorldNetDaily and the aptly named ObamaConspiracy.org began posting their own pieces questioning the conventional wisdom that the plane crash and Fuddy’s death were an accident.


Fuddy was one of nine people onboard the flight but the only fatality, so Obama must not have been feeling too bloodthirsty when he gave the order, allowing all the other passengers to live. Still, it’s all too much of a coincidence for crazed meatpile Orly Taitz, who has been investigating a similarly forged Hawaii birth certificate for one Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph, which Taitz seems to believe was a “dry run” for the Obama forgery. Orly sent out a press release about the Randolph case on Wednesday, and within hours Fuddy’s plane went down. Just how widespread is the conspiracy?

The Wire

People who’ve insisted for five years that the White House is covering up the truth of President Obama’s birthplace have a theory about news of the death of a Hawaii official in a plane crash: It is part of the conspiracy. It is almost as though birthers will accept any evidence that can be twisted in their favor and ignore the preponderence of evidence rejecting it.