DC – Taitz v Donahue – Educating Orly

Orly claims

 More obstruction of justice by employees of the USDC court for the District of Columbia. They post a motion for summary judgment filed by defense today, but did not docket my motion to recuse judge Lamberth, which was submitted on on 12.02.2013, 10 days ago. It looks like they got it on the roll with Lamberth and what to push quickly more fraud, forgery and treason through his court. Please, call the clerk of the court, demand they stop obstruction of justice and docket immediately my motion to recuse Lamberth and transfer the case to another judge. Call 202-354-3042 Reggie Johynson, case manager for Lamberth, 202-354-3080 clerk’s office. 202-354-3192

Perhaps the defense lawyers know how to properly serve and docket documents?… Of course, the motion for recusal will be denied anyway as it is totally without merit. Orly, since she is not an admitted lawyer in DC, has to use the mail system to submit her follies. The government can submit by electronic means.

Come on Orly, all this ‘fraud’ is just in your imagination…

Update: Orly was too hasty again…

DC court finally filed my motion to recuse Judge Lamberth. I am afraid that he will refuse to recuse himself and will do Obama one last favor by dismissing this case as well.
Orly is right on one thing, it will be dismissed as the FOIA request has been fulfilled. If Orly wants to litigate something else she will have to file another court case, with expected outcome… She cannot enforce a criminal investigation… So she blames others for her unfamiliarity with the laws, rules and regulations.