Orly releases Johanna’s LFBC PDF

Orly Taitz has released Johanna xxxx’s LFBC which had previously been released, heavily redacted, by the WND. The document had been procured by Miki Booth and shows a date stamp of 1995. Orly believes that this document was obtained in 2011, but she is mixing up documents.

In a hilarious development, the PDF contains two pages: the first page has one color JPG and two B&W backgrounds… Remember how the Cold Case Posse ‘experts’ had claimed that this is not possible. How many more devices did they miss, I wonder.

The images are rotated, however the background is filled, meaning that no white gaps show up where the text was ‘lifted’.. So no halos… Will do an in-depth report soon

The jpeg

Johanna-000.jpg  825 x 1275 24bit JFIF  N   74244 “Canon Inc”

The Quantization Tables do not match the WH LFBC jpg.

Original creation date: May 4 2011 10:17PM
Modification date: Nov 25, 2013 10:01AM

PDF Producer: Adobe PSL 1.1e for Canon
Content Creator: Canon iR-ADV 8105 PDF

So who modified the document and why, using birther ‘logic’ is a fake, as it contains a ‘layer’?… Even though the WND received the original…?

Thanks Orly for destroying another myth… Now I understand that you do not like Zullo et al, so this is excellent rebuttal.. I am sure the President is grateful for your efficiency…

Color JPEG Color JPEG


One thought on “Orly releases Johanna’s LFBC PDF

  1. Orly is going totally off the chart, as was to be expected

    A couple of days ago Taitz wrote to Miki Booth and Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph and asked how did Johanna finally got her BC after the Health Department refused to give it to her. Taitz did not get any response from either Miki Booth or Johanna. Taitz suspects that the alleged LFBC for Ah’Nee was a dry run for Obama. Investigation continues. This press release is being forwarded to Jerome Corsi wih the request to safe keep the alleged original sent by Ah’Nee to him.

    What a fool… She is becoming quite predictable… Why is she bringing down all these investigations which her well timed releases of documents?

    At least she has shown how yet another scanner creates something which cold case posse ‘experts’ have claimed, they could not do.

    Thanks Orly…

    As I have shown, the document at best shows some similarities to the WH LFBC, not surprisingly, but the document details are totally different. Since the WND has the original version, which they claimed showed all evidence of being the real thing, they now have to explain themselves…

    Orly totally manages to screw the birthers, time after time… For that I applaud her.

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