Examining Johanna’s LFBC PDF

Orly has made available a fully unredacted PDF of “Hawaii Girl” Johanna XXXX’s long form birth certificate which was obtained in 1995. Orly is, unsurprisingly, confused about the whole issue and believes that this document was obtained in 2011… Sigh…

But now let’s look at the document in more detail:

122,387 bytes Shasum 5c14e5659931ac3db0278ec4207578bdf59c5a13

PDF Format: 1.4
Media Box: 612×396
Content Creator: Canon iR-ADV 8105  PDF
Encoding software: Adobe PSL 1.1e for Canon
Creation Date: May 4, 2011, 10:17 PM
Modification Date: Nov 25, 2013, 10:01 AM

pdfimages -j Johanna-BC.pdf Johanna creates 4 files

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: a71d0fa7abcbc5dd92a2bcc09d1ee8b1cf0e3443  Johanna-000.jpg
150×150 dpi 825×1275 pixels (lots of white at right side (bottom jpeg))
Embedded Comment: “Canon Inc”

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 4798c65ba40fe11743045ae1ede44f48fceab93e  Johanna-001.pbm
1416×1792 pixels

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 678ad4edae3ba01e332b3e102ffc441d02261908  Johanna-002.pbm
554×1040 pixels

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 4992b1910c50520847720aea848b69e8da63d398  Johanna-003.jpg
150×150 dpi 825×1275 pixels
Embedded Comment: “Canon Inc”

There are no obvious halos, and unlike the WH LFBC PDF, the gaps behind the bitmap text that is removed is filled with a background color, which obviously reduces the halo effect


12 thoughts on “Examining Johanna’s LFBC PDF

  1. black halos

    do we have the coordinates, how to join the layers ?
    I remember, it was tedious with the wh-pdf
    filled spaces seem to be uniformly light green

  2. that file is layers 1 and 2, outline,with 16×16 grid , colors enhanced with irfanview,
    compressed with 7zip
    “black halos” was referring to these enhanced colors
    e.g. Hawn-Caucasian-Korean looks double underlined
    some 16×16 are entirely uniform, e.g. near the g from single,
    near the r from triple, lower part of the h in 7b etc.

  3. 396.00 0 0 612.00 0.00 0.00 cm
    /Obj4 Do
    0.149 0.153 0.149 rg
    339.84 0 0 430.08 36.48 175.20 cm
    /Obj5 Do
    0.275 0.318 0.263 rg
    130.56 0 0 249.60 74.88 181.92 cm
    /Obj6 Do

    the cm is the coordinate transformation matrix. First four are rotation and scaling and 5 and 6 are translation

  4. there are many (~2367 nontrivial ones) 16×16 blocks in the foreground that have uniform color
    in these green is high, 255 or 254, a few with 253
    blue ~240 red ~200
    e.g. top right of the R in CERTIFICATE etc.

  5. You failed to mention that the two non-background layers are 300 PPI resolution. Thus the two .jpg layers are 150 PPI and the non-background layers are 300 PPI. Just like in the WH LFCOLB PDF image. In fact the mostly text layer is in all respects like the mostly text layer of the WH LFCOLB.

  6. Yes, they are almost like the WH LFBC but not exactly… So we now have another confirmation that the CCP and its experts were blowing smoke.

    Poor Hermitian, you keep on destroying the birthers…

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