Edward C Noonan

Poor Noonan is a bit obsessed with the ‘sodomites’… Interesting…

Edward C. Noonan

Hillary, who is the one of the 1st US lesbian Secretary of States sent in one of her Sodomite Ambassadors (Stevens) into a country that was being funded by the 1st Sodomite Commander in Chief (aka Soetoro, aka BHO), and then blamed it on a movie that claimed that Mohammed was a homosexual and a pederast. Rodam Clinton said the movie shockingly mocked Mohammed for taking a nine-year-old (Aisha) as his bride. And then we find an email 14 months later where Rodam told the Benghazi murderees that “they were on their own!” VOTE FOR SODAM-RODAM 2016! Well, at least she is a NATURAL BORN SODOMITE and is better than the illegal alien sodomite that we have in the White House right now!

Source: http://eaglerising.com/3061/shocking-testimony-benghazi-hillary-clintons-fault/