Edward C Noonan – Comments on our President

Poor Noonan… Calling names, unfounded accusations… No wonder he has failed to obtain any relevant number of votes or have his musings be taken seriously in the court. [Matthew 7:16]

Comment by Edward C. Noonan on November 3, 2013 at 1:44pm


Lynn… you are a Marxist wanna-bee… You refuse to address my main point that Soetoro is an illegal alien, a sodomite, a marxist, a muslim, and a thug that has wormed his way into the White House cesspool and instead, you call the Sodomite-in-Chief your beloved president and praise those who also call this B****** offspring your POTUS. You and Pirro are enemies to the constitution and should be exiled back to Kenya with your sodomite leader. If you want to see how Marxism takes over a country “YOU” LOOK IN THE MIRROR!


6 thoughts on “Edward C Noonan – Comments on our President

  1. It appears that Master Edward is a bit of a touchstone regarding the right and wrong sides of history. When he picks a side, you know its the wrong one.

  2. Was it Ed? Funny… The record only shows that someone stood up and was told by the Judge to “sit down”

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