CA – Noonan v Bowen – Reply brief Appellant

What a piece of … Well, it ain’t a legal brief, that’s for sure. These pro-se’s are getting more and more ridiculous. Expect nothing…

Noonan v Bowen (APPEAL) – Reply Brief of Appellant Barnett


10 thoughts on “CA – Noonan v Bowen – Reply brief Appellant

  1. Hey obot!… come on my show with Pamela and I. Let’s see what kind of an gibbering cesspool bottom feeder you really are. HOST: EDWARD C. NOONAN (my name is on the brief) along with Pamela Barnett. Let’s see if you are willing to come out of the shadows and stand like a man (woman?). Tues 2 pm (Pacific) americanresistanceparty blogtalkradio
    I bet you are a coward!

  2. Oh my… He really wishes to defend his filings 🙂
    This blog would make for a great place to do so. Is Noonan up to the challenge?

    Cesspool bottom feeder… Has a nice ring to it… Bit high on rhetoric and low on details but I understand the methods of the bully…

    If you are interested in discussing your ‘filings’, feel free to participate. I was getting ready to have some fun with it.

    Up for it?

  3. You know, it could go along away in explaining all the birther failures. A highly trusted birther reporting back to President Obama, telegraphing every move. There would be no surprises. If you knew what was coming you could direct things to the right judges, Hawaiian officials, etc.

  4. OMG, you are so right and is she not in DC right this moment to ‘inform’ Congress? The administration would immediately know whom to blackmail… 😉

  5. I have to tell you… leading with the pejoratives is hardly the way to get somebody to willingly come on your show. He has already telegraphed his “debate” style, and I for one prefer to have EARNED a birther’s impotent frothing before willingly subjecting myself to it on a radio program. Even (for example) Gillar knew better than to roll out the puerile insults until AFTER Zullo had put the kabosh on the debate to which Gillar and I had agreed. Based on that tantrum of an invitation, I’d tell Noonan to go pound sand until he offers an apology.

    But that’s just me.

  6. Based on that tantrum of an invitation, I’d tell Noonan to go pound sand until he offers an apology.

    Oh, I can do better than that… I will help him understand why his musings are missing the point, all on this blog. After all, who really listens to him?…

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