CA – Noonan v Bowen – Educating the Confused – Special Standing

Totally frivolous… Does Noonan really want to defend this nonsense? PS: I found the same ‘arguments’ in a filing by Strunk… Further Affiant Sayeth Not… Hilarious. PS, the DC Court of Appeals rejected Strunk’s motion…

11/13/2013 Open Document PER CURIAM ORDER, En Banc, filed [1466031] denying petition for rehearing en banc [1460199-2] Before Judges: Garland, Henderson, Rogers, Tatel, Brown, Griffith, Kavanaugh and Srinivasan. [13-5005]


BARNETT had publicly declared in AOB pages 7 & 22, that she is a Private Citizen with extra-statutory standing. Neither RESPONDENT BOWEN nor QBAMA responded or argued against this truth made known to the court.

Appellant BARNETT’s Agent wishes to clarify her status before this Appeal Panel as there is a substantive judicial notice to be considered with regard to her non statutory status in that Pamela Denise Barnett © in esse and sui juris is the sole secured beneficiary agent and attorney-in-fact for the debtor business trust organization PAMELA DENISE BARNETT,1 AFFIANT is both unique and apart from the status ofthe other Plaintiffs as each is merely the Surety- Indenture to his respective debtor beneficiary entity owned with title by the respective State o f birth and or domicile herein represented by their counsel.

Documents filed with a Georgia County registrar changed my status from that of an surety-indenture to the debtor who was an enemy combatant on conquered territories as defined since the National Emergency martial process that replaced the civil process by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Proclamations: 2038 of March 5, 1933 for an emergency session ofCongress, 2039 ofMarch 6, 1933 declaring a bank holiday and 2040 ofMarch 9, 1933 for a continual national emergency then validated by Congress -with the Amended The Trading with the Enemy Act of1917 (40 Stat. 411, enacted 6 October 1917, codified at 12 U.S.C. § 95a et seq.) that put American citizens into perpetual servitude on March 9, 1933, and that until this day is renewed annually as an act of enormity that takes the debtor/surety tax payments along with collateral property and labor, for investments in the government influenced markets serving the Vatican, via the United Kingdom, Creditors to the 1933 United States Bankruptcy Debt Reorganization Plan. Dr. Karen Hudes,World Bank attorney for 20 years, ,

( ch?v=gHVgRgYdCsQ) The same Creditors who prefund purchase all ofthe Debtors’ Federal tax cash flow paid annually through the Creditors’ Internal Revenue Service based upon the expectation o f lifetime (65 years) income o f every debtor I surety-indenture payment to the Creditors’ trustees for the ongoing U.S. bankruptcy debt reorganization plan implemented in 1933.

It continues with further meaningless statements..