Vogt spilling txe beans?

Vogt has been giving several interviews in which he has dropped sufficient hints to determine who he believes to be the forger. And while I am not going to make the name public, Dr Conspiracy and AnitaMaria at the Fogbow, have put the pieces together in an almost trivial manner.

I would like to focus on the claim about the TXE in the stamp since much has been made about the distorted H and yet few have noticed how the same distortion appears in a long form birth certificate obtained by Miki Booth dated March 15, 2011, a few weeks before Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate was stamped (April 25, 2011).

The document in question shows, as pointed out by Butterdezillion, of all people, that there are other ‘distorted’ stamps, certified close in time to President Obama’s.

Butterdezillion: The smiley face and TXE are anomalies but they don’t make sense for a forger to put in a document. Whoever forged the BC would have just used what the HDOH sent, changing nothing except what had to be changed because it exposed the non-valid status of the BC and anything that they thought they screwed up on when making the forgery – like the background pattern. So it seems likely to me that Onaka used the TXE stamp and put the smiley face on the BC and the WH forger dutifully copied it without thinking that it was a red flag put in there by Onaka himself. It escaped Fuddy’s eyes, and it escaped the forger’s eyes.

Again, Vogt has failed, but I believe that his identification of the ‘forger’ has been his worst failure, especially given the fact that a Xerox workcentre workflow explains almost all the artifacts. Is this why Zullo spent 3 weeks in Hawaii?

What is truly hilarious is the following exchange

Hagmann:From my point of view as an investigator, you don’t announce, you don’t telegraph, you don’t post on a blog. You know.

Vogt: “You leave your ego out of it.”

Hagmann: “Exactly”



HT: Gorefan @DrConspiracy

How Vogt ‘spilled the beans’ and telegraphed the ‘forger’



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  1. The birth certificate from March 2011 for a girl born on April 12, 1995 lists the race of mother as Hawaiian / Chinese / Korean / German / English / Portuguese. The mother was 33 in April, 1995 which means she was born after April, 1961.

    At John Woodman’s site, he wrote about the girl born August 23rd, 1961 who gave the BC to Corsi. Mr. Woodman said this “She stated that her mother’s background was “Hawaiian / Korean / German / English,” and her father’s background was “Hawaiian / Chinese / Portuguese.””

    So are we looking at mother and daughter? And Miki Booth got both BCs from the same person?

  2. I wonder what Mike Volin thinks about this. He just went to Washington with Miki Booth to hand out “Sheriff’s Kits”.

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