TN Legislative Intent

In 2011, HB1830 was introduced to increase the number of the Grand Jury to 15. This specific sentence was added:

The foreperson’s term is subject to all of the restrictions of state law regarding the service of jurors

See here  for motivation to have this bill enacted: Rule 6 would otherwise allow the Judge to appoint and re-appoint the foreperson consecutive times.

This is the first time we see the legislator address the status of the foreperson of the grand jury and the term of his/her appointment.

In 2007,  HB1129 clarified that a specific jury rule also applied to the Foreperson

Grand Juries – Clarifies that grand jury foreman who intentionally communicates to another how the grand jury voted on a question commits official misconduct as prohibited by § 39-16-402

In HB3638, jurors who were summoned for jury duty could not be summoned again for 2 years.