Poor Orly, the stress is getting to her…

Just when one think she cannot file anything worse, she surprises you with exactly that…

Poor Orly… She has obviously snapped…

Plaintiff herein, Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ respectfully requests honorable Royce Lamberth to recuse himself as a presiding judge in the case at hand and transfer the case to another judge.
28 USC 455 and precedent of Marshall v Jarrico 446 U.S. 238, 242, 100 S. Ct. 161, 642 Ed 2d 182 (1980) will provide for such recusal.
The case at hand deals with the refusal by the Postmaster General and Inspector General for the USPS to provide records under FOIA 5 US 552 Freedom of Information act. The records that are requested relate to a flagrantly forged Selective Service registration of Barack Obama and a flagrantly forged USPS cancellation stamp affixed to it. Fabricated stamp is so laughable that it looks like it was concocted by a mentally challenged five year old or a forger who is legally blind. Sworn affidavit of a former Chief Investigator of the US Coast Guard confirms that the document is altered.
At issue is the fact that this court showed bias in prior relating cases and the plaintiff is fairly sure that this court will show the same bias in the case at hand.
In the prior case of Taitz v Astrue 11-cv-402 plaintiff provided the court with undeniable evidence of Obama using a stolen Social Security number of a resident of Connecticut born in 1890.
In spite of the fact that the plaintiff provided the court with all the evidence that the Social Security Administration defrauded the court and the nation and improperly withheld the SS-5 application which it was obligated to release, this court chose to ignore all the evidence and to cover it all up. By doing so this court showed bias against the plaintiff and against every US citizen for this matter and in favor of Barack Obama who stole the franchise of the US President with stolen and fabricated IDs.
It is clear that this court will continue showing the same bias in the case at hand and as such the plaintiff respectfully asks this court to recuse itself and transfer the case to another judge.
Further on, such transfer of the case is in the best interest of the public at large. U.S. citizens deserve better than a thief, who is usurping the U.S. Presidency with a stolen Social Security number and fabricated IDs. National Security and the well being of the U.S. military require release of the records in question and require an end to the cover up. As such, recusal by this court is justified, essential and in the public interest.

Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ