FL – Voeltz v Obama – Sigh…

So clueless…

Case Docket
Case Number: 1D13-83
Final Civil Other Notice from Leon County
Michael C. Voeltz vs. Barack Hussein Obama, et al.

10/04/2013 Initial Brf – 20-Day SC or Dismiss-163 10/24/2013

Appellant has failed to timely file the initial brief. Appellant shall either file the initial brief within 20 days from the date of this order or show cause why this appeal should not be dismissed for failure to obey the rules and orders of this Court. If appellant fails to file the brief or a response within the time allowed, this appeal shall be dismissed without further notice or opportunity to be heard. Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.410.

10/14/2013 Received Records 2 vols scanned ftp

10/23/2013 Initial Brief on Merits  Larry Klayman 246220

10/25/2013 Notice of Bad Brief-Initial Brief-167A 11/04/2013