Has the CCP abandoned the birth certificate forgery claims?

In a Gallups interview we learn from our favorite clown ‘investigator’ that:

That whole notion of a Xerox 7655 copier is out the window.

That is nothing more than another red herring.

We will annihilate it when that time comes.

In other words, they have nothing to rebut, and have moved onwards to new claims. This time even more “overwhelming“. Or in other words, we are still digging and have found nothing.

May we therefor conclude that they have either not done the research I outlined or that they have done so and concluded that it was accurate?

Oh yes, and they claim that the Maricopa county Sheriff’s office is  deeply involved with other aspects of this… In other words, nothing is happening…

Fascinating how they continue to report on nothing… And how they spend all this time addressing ‘obots’ whose findings they claim, are nothing more than a red herring.

Who are they think they are fooling 🙂

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