Taitz v Obama – Petition for rehearing denied


The docket shows many failures on the part of Orly…

Did anyone even show up? Orly is quite good at losing to empty chairs…

On the Fogbow, Mike Dunford tried to summarize this truly hilarious ‘case’

Only Orly….


One thought on “Taitz v Obama – Petition for rehearing denied

  1. Orly had already predicted the outcome

    Orly Taitz submitted today a Petition for Rehearing, however the court on its’ own accord already deemed her prior motion for reconsideration to be treated as a Petition for Rehearing and Presiding Judge ordered the clerk of the court to file it. We are expecting the ruling shortly. If prior order by lower court is not reversed, the case will go to the Supreme Court of CA and if need be to Supreme Court of the U.S. and InterAmerican court for Human Rights. This is the matter of Constitutional rights of every citizen to have lawful elections and due process.

    And the intergalactic tribunal for alien rights… Orly is bloviating… She made so many failures in this case… But any money wasted on hopeless appeals is a good use of money…

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