Klayman v Holder – NSA Lawsuit

Leon made clear he was uncomfortable with the suits because they amounted to challenges to rulings from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which has repeatedly reauthorized and found constitutional one of the most controversial NSA programs — the collection of data on virtually every phone call made to, from or within the United States.

The judge said the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which set up the largely secret court, doesn’t give district judges not on the court a role in reviewing surveillance orders.

“I’m not kidding myself. I know whatever happens here no matter how I rule it’s going to the Court of Appeals” and perhaps onto the Supreme Court, Leon said.


A funny affidavit argues

In July of 2013, my wife was on the computer when it abruptly photographed her face (through some form of abusive surveillance as my computer does not have a built-in camera), and falsely accused my wife of violating “Copyright and Related Rights Law”. Without a built-in camera, a computer user cannot take a picture of him or herself. I have reason to believe that the NSA and other Defendants were behind this as well.