The CCP ‘analysis’ of the PDF scan

Gorefan has provided a link to the video on Dr C’s blog

Here is the video from on of the CCP’s press conferences. It details how they did their test (green security paper with black and white image of the LFBC printed on it).

At the 0:50 mark there are images of their results. IMO the letters and line art have halos.

PS – this is part of Mike Volin’s Sheriff Kit.

They show how they created a birth certificate, much the same way as Reality Check has done by printing the B&W version on top of real security paper. They subsequently scanned the document into Illustrator and showed how the document contains one layer. They then ask the relevant question:

Can the anomalies in President Obama’s birth certificate be explained by the use of OCR software or perhaps by the facts that the document was optimized prior to being released.

They then look at President Obama’s birth certificate and ask the question

Was there a good reason for optimizing the birth certificate file prior to releasing it on

All excellent questions which however fail to take into consideration a workflow in which the optimization was automatic and perhaps even unintentional.

They admit that the answer is yes but ask:

can optimization explain the many anomalies in Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

As I and others have shown, again the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The video shows some efforts to explain the artifacts but since they have failed to properly identify the likely suspect(s), they have missed the smoking gun.

If only they had tried a Xerox Work Centre rather than use optimize in Illustrator.


5 thoughts on “The CCP ‘analysis’ of the PDF scan

  1. Watching the video again – there is no white margin around their birth certificate. The must not have open and saved it in Preview or used a machine that has edgeerase turned on.

  2. Excellent observations as well. Instead of looking for likely workflows, they pursed a workflow of their choosing and then rebutted it. Nice strawman.

  3. they don’t show the data. The original file and the scanned image.
    Did they succeed to remove all halos prior to scanning ?

  4. It’s hard to tell with the CCP as to what they did. One thing seems to be for sure, they did not run the document through a Xerox Workcentre workflow…

    How unfortunate.

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