WA – In Re: Vogt – Nice try

Douglas Vogt explains the ‘reasoning’ behind his latest filing in WA Federal Court

What I have filed is not a lawsuit and does not involve charging or suing anyone else. That is the job of a Federal Grand Jury which is one of the things I am asking the court to do. I was compelled to file my affidavit by the wording in Misprision of Felony and Treason. I am asking the Court to release me from the criminal liability that both statutes place me in because I had discovered these felonies against the United States. As far as we can tell, no one has ever used these two laws in this way even though these two laws were passed into law by the very first Congress, second secession and signed into law by non other than President George Washington. Usually Misprision of Felony is used by a Federal Prosecutor against someone. I may be the first to use it in the other direction. The result of this is that the court has to act when they are presented compelling evidence that a crime against the United States has occurred. If the Crime is in the public interest, the court has no chose but to submit it to a Grand Jury. In other words it is a HOT Potato for the Judge. In the Memorandum of Law you will read the whole explanation and my strategy.

The Judge can just refuse to recognize that Vogt has standing or that the court has jurisdiction and that is what he has now done. Vogt will have a hard to establish a foundation that would force the judge to submit his musings to a Grand Jury.

Just because he believes that a felony(ies) has/have been committed does not provide sufficient foundation that this is true. This is why there are more appropriate ways to file a complaint, and it does not involve the courts.