Obama finds he birth certificate

Interesting story at Dr C’s

Dunham had died seven years earlier, but Obama hadn’t sorted through all her things. Now, alone in his old house for just the third night since he’d become president, he started rummaging through the boxes, digging, digging, until suddenly he found it: a small, four-paneled paper booklet the world had never seen before. On the front was an ink drawing of Kapi‘olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, in Honolulu. On the back was a picture of a Hawaiian queen. On one inside page were his name, his mother’s name, and his date of birth; on the other were his infant footprints.


9 thoughts on “Obama finds he birth certificate

  1. What Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are saying is that on April 14, 2011, Obama found his hospital birth certificate with his footprint stamped on it.

    So how did Obama beat the birthers in 2012?

    I sued Obama in January, 2012, in a Georgia “Administrative’ court setting, which isn’t even part if the judicial branch of government, by the executive branch. In other words, it was the first rung in the process of qualifying a candidate for public office that can be offered. This was the perfect setting for Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, to bring in Obama’s hospital birth certificate, along with a certified copy of his Hawaiian, state issued, birth certificate; moved them into evidence, and soundly beaten all us the birthers inside of 15 minutes in 2012. But far from beating us birthers, Obama not only failed to produce any conclusive documentary evidence, which, apparently he had in his possession at that time, but he never even showed up at the hearing, preferring to take off to Las Vegas, with his tail between his legs, with his attorney in tow rather, than have an honest examination of his paperwork.

    ex animo

  2. @David — “This was the perfect setting for Obama’s attorney… to … [have] soundly beaten all us the birthers inside of 15 minutes in 2012.”

    David, you’ve got to be kidding! Even assuming for the sake of argument that you would have taken those documents as authentic, how would that have beaten the birthers?

    I mean, aren’t you the Same David Farrar who’s been arguing for years that his place of birth is irrelevant because your reading of Natural Law declares him ineligible no matter where he was born? So how can you tell us now that you would have been “soundly beaten” by some birth documents?

    And anyone who’s watched the video of Orly Taitz’s presentation at your hearing and read ALJ Malihi’s opinion of it has a very good idea of why your case failed. Not to mention the fact that it was determined on appeal that the hearing never should have been held in the first place, completely vindicating Mr. Jablonski’s assertion that there was no reason for the President’s representatives to waste their time by attending.

    Your interpretation of the well documented events is, as always, unique.

  3. So David, are you saying that you won your lawsuit? He did not even have to show up to defeat your follies. Hilarious, especially since most birthers do not appear to take real evidence seriously and just move the goalposts.

    Come on David, you are the best example of a birther beaten by Obama…

  4. Ahhhh… if it isn’t David “an empty chair beat me” Farrar.

    So how did Obama beat the birthers in 2012? By doing nothing.

    Your own case proved that you were perfectly capable of defeating yourselves without any defense needed.

  5. David Farrar’s case shows that it takes minimal effort to pwn the birther. They had it all and squandered the opportunity by failing to present credible experts and testimony, unopposed by any defense counsel, so they still lost. Obama was smiling from a distance, I am sure.

    Poor David has not recovered since that fateful day in Mississippi…

  6. So you are saying that because the author gets the date wrong, the story never happened.

    Poor Hermitian… So clueless.

  7. All mistakes are true facts if they reflect badly on Obama. All true facts are lies if they reflect well on him.

    That’s why no American who has voiced Birfer opinions should be trusted with any office higher than dog catcher. It means they are, in fact, deranged.

  8. I had noticed the same with Hermitian. He plainly refuses to even acknowledge the evidence which proves him wrong but insist on finding minor issues.

    Fascinating what facts can do to a birther’s ‘brain’

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