CA – Taitz v Obama – Another fine mess

The Court of Appeal in California has issued a ruling in Orly’s appeal of Taitz v Obama.  Orly, recently, presented her ‘case’ in front of the judges, and in absence of the three defendants, and predictably lost.

The justices documented the many failures in Orly’s attempts, including her failure to properly request that a court reporter be present, and her failures to present the court with the relevant rulings.

What a mess… Which reminds we why we ‘love’ our dentist friend…

Read the non-published decision here…

Dr Conspiracy has his own thoughts on these matters

Finally, her appeal was totally botched in that she provided reams of rubbish about Obama, but failed to provide copies of transcripts and lower court orders which are the fundamental paperwork that must be filed with an appeal.


2 thoughts on “CA – Taitz v Obama – Another fine mess

  1. Orly has elaborated on her next step (failure)

    Update: the appeal in Fourth District was not granted, I am waiting to receive an audio tape of the hearing from the court to file a motion for reconsideration

    She failed to submit the relevant documents and now wants a reconsideration. What a totally clueless person… If I were an attorney, I would be ashamed. Orly however may not have such constraints… Totally totally clueless.

    Her oral presentation cannot make any difference as the court can only consider her failures before the lower court and they were plenty….

    When will Orly ever get something right?

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