Breaking News – Reality Check unmasks the forger

On Reality Check radio, host RC has managed to unmask the true forger of President Obama’s birth certificate. In the second hour of the show, he received a phonecall in which a full confession was made by the forger, who identified herself by the name ‘Roxy’.

It should be matters of days until the CCP [1] could make its arrest, although there may be some delay to search for proper handcuffs and appropriate transportation… The CCP should congratulate itself for uncovering most of the telltale signs that led to the confession by the forger. They missed a few obvious ones but given their budget and resources, one can understand why they were missed.

Download the mp3 file.

[1] Some have confused the abbreviation CCP with the more famous Clown Car Productions, or Crazy Clown Possie or even the Crazy Clown Pants but we all know what it really stands for


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  1. Those are in the capable hands of Reality Check. I understand that they are going quite well. I wonder how far along the CCP is in analyzing our findings?

  2. You guys including Kevin should consider producing a paper for publication. Not just about the technical stuff but how people’s misunderstandings about how the compression software contributed to creating the PDF, resulted in advancing the conspiracy of theories about President Obama’s birth certificate.

    BTW, why aren’t you using the security paper to test on a 7655, I though RC only had access to a 7535?

  3. Yeah, it would be cool to write up something As to the 7565 versus 7535, the difference appears to be minor and RC has the security paper, as does Doc C. I have done what I set out to do and the lack of response from the CCP is quite telling and has helped expose it for what it really is/was.

  4. I learned today that my state finally joined the rest of the nation in requiring continuing education credits to maintain professional licensing. Authoring a paper in my field is worth 6 credit hours (I need 30 every two years). Forensic engineering is part of my work, so this should qualify, right?

    The part that is most publishable is the forensic analysis, in particular the methods used to find the digital fingerprints of the WorkCentre and Preview, including the thought process behind interpreting the apparent anomalies into a coherent workflow.

  5. Kevin, THAT is a great idea. And if it is permissible professionally and ethically PLEASE put the resulting paper on Scribd.

  6. If you publish it in the Engineering Failure Analysis journal, permit me to hint the following as a title:

    “Case study of the failure of pseudo-experts in the structural analysis of algorithmically generated anomalies in Portable Document Files”

  7. From “Hermitian Henry” on the “Where’s The Birth Certificate” discussion forum:
    “Now that I have successfully destroyed two of NBC’s fairy tales he has gone into deep cover.

    He falsely claimed that the Muscatine Journal’s one-of-a-kind Obama LFCOLB was created by the Muscatine Journal staff from a JPEG image that they purchased from the AP. However, the Muscatine’s PDF file was last modified by someone located in the Mountain Time Zone and Muscatine Iowa is in the Central Time Zone.

    He also claimed that the Tepper page 4 Obama LFCOLB was created by a court clerk in Mississippi. However the date/time stamp embedded within the PDF file 35-1.pdf indicates it was created and last modified in the Pacific Time Zone.

    NBC needs to stop just making stuff up !!!”

  8. NBC needs to stop just making stuff up !!!”

    Poor Hermitian… Still upset that he cannot rebut my findings.

    But I should not be beating up on Hermitian, he just lacks the tools and mindset to do a good analysis.

  9. Over at Birther Report a poster (who claims to be an expert) doesn’t seem to understand the effects of Preview on the layers (ordering).

    areyoukiddingme · 1 day ago
    So I’ve compared the WH LFBC with a couple different Obot scans made with their beloved Xerox. I also looked at other scans from the multiple Xerox Work Center models and there was a distinct pattern true to all of the scans with Multiple Layers. The layer order hierarchy as viewed in Adobe Illustrator goes Layer 1 –> Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 etc…

    The WH LFBC is arranged slightly, but significantly different. Layer 1 –> Group –> Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 etc…
    Basically, all the Layers in the Xerox scans get placed directly beneath Layer 1. The White House version the Layers are embedded in one large Group, and that large Group is directly beneath Layer 1.

    So they have still yet to prove how a one button push from a device can produce a document that matches the WH LFBC.
    Nice try Obots, but you still have work to do. Like Zullo said. “It is of no concern”

    And of course this expert still thinks that all it takes is one button push on a scanner to create a PDF.

  10. And of course this expert still thinks that all it takes is one button push on a scanner to create a PDF.

    Did he forget to run the scan through preview… Poor soul… An expert indeed… ROTFL

  11. What a bunch of idiots at the link above. Some are totally focused on their belief of Obama being a homosexual… They really have some of their own issues to deal with I guess…
    Hilarious how homo-erotics appears to be such a recurring theme amongst some birthers…

  12. I have been busy with real world activities that have taken time from my hobby lately. I have the first results from scanning the test specimen printed on the green security paper and will shortly send the files to NBC. The results completely support our theories so far. There are even nine layers! The Xerox added a white border where none existed. Preview added a larger border with the clipping mask. The layer separation is remarkably close the WH LFBC and there are halos where none existed on the original.

  13. PS
    For the guy areyoukiddingme who posted at BR the hierarchy of my 7535 scan in Illustrator is Layer 1-> Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 … Group 9 while the same file opened a printed to PDF in Preview is Layer 1 -> Group -> Group 1, Group 2, … Group 9,

  14. Can you include a jpeg of the document to show exactly what you started with – green security paper, etc.? Or an outline of the steps you took:

    1 – Put document on scanner
    2 – select scan to e-mail

  15. gorefan

    Yes, in due time I will share both. I will include photos of the blank green security paper, how the test specimen was created and photos of it, and the resultant PDF files.

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