Gary Kreep reassigned…

“San Diego Judge Gary Kreep, a conservative legal activist who led a failed fight to challenge President Obama’s citizenship, has been exiled to traffic court after several Superior Court rulings favoring defendants’ constitutional rights.

“Kreep, 63, was reassigned on Sept. 9 from the downtown San Diego courthouse to a Kearny Mesa facility that handles traffic offenses and small claims.”


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  1. What’s really interesting is how the whole Birther movement got started in the first place. Note that all of this happened about ½ of a year before Philip J. Berg (who claimed to be a “Hillary supporter” but was in no way connected to her campaign) filed the very first Birther lawsuit on August 21, 2008:

    • On Feb. 28, 2008, UCLA Law Prof. Eugene Volokh, of the famous eponymous blog The Volokh Conspiracy, posted a short rebuttal to rumors that John McCain was ineligible to be President. A commenter named “Dave N.” posted a comment to that blog entry in which, as an analogy, he suggested a hypothetical scenario involving Barack Obama instead. His exact words:

    Let’s change the hypothetical (just for grins and giggles).

    Barack Obama’s father was a citizen of Kenya. What would Senator Obama’s citizenship status (and Presidential eligibility) be if:

    1) He had been born in Kenya, but taken by his mother to the United States immediately after birth and then spent the rest of his life as he has subsequently lived it?

    2) He was born in a third country, and like my first hypothetical, immediately taken to the United States? Does that change the analysis?

    3) Would these results change if Senator Obama had been raised in a foreign country for any length of time before his mother returned with him to the United States?

    • Almost exactly 24 hours after “Dave N.” posted that comment on The Volokh Conspiracy, user “FARS” posted this off-topic comment as Comment #319 on the Freeper thread, “Pin the Middle Name on the Obama” (about suggesting humorous alternative middle names for the then-new Democratic Party Primary candidate for President):

    I was told today that Obama swore in on a Koran for his Senate seat. I do not believe he did. Can someone clarify this for me? I am under the impression only a Congressman has so far sworn in on a Koran.

    Also that Obama’s mother gave birth to him overseas and then immediately flew into Hawaii and registered his birth as having taken place in Hawaii.

    Again, any clarifications on this? Defintely [sic] disqualifies him for Prez. There must be some trace of an airticket [sic]. While small babies are not charged air fare they do have a ticket issued for them.

    Long time ago but there may be some residual information somewhere. Good ammo (if available and true) BEST USED AFTER he becomes PREZ (if that occurs) and it’s too late for Dems — except accept the VP.

    Immediately (as in, starting in the very next post!), other FreeRepublic posters lambasted FARS for posting such wild rumors based on nothing more than, “I was told today that…” Note that he used wording very similar to what “Dave N.” had used in his hypothetical scenario analogy the previous day!

    • Just four days later, vehement anti-Muslim fantasist “Alan Peters” (a pseudonym) posted this entry on his eponymous Alan Peters’s Ruthless Roundup blog. In it, he lifts the concepts expressed in FARS’s Freeper post from four days previously, worded very similarly, without credit. This is the earliest known text on the Internet to espouse the Birther hypothesis as if it were fact instead of rumor, let alone hypothetical scenario analogy posted “just for grins and giggles.” It was from here that the Birther movement really took off.

    The entire Birther movement can be traced to this Ruthless Roundup blog post, which in turn plagiarized an off-topic FreeRepublic comment posted as a rumor, itself plagiarized from a hypothetical scenario posted “just for grins and giggles” as an analogy to a post about McCain’s Natural Born Citizenship!

  2. An additional bit of info: the “Alan Peters” blog article references and links to a timeline posted on a now-defunct website called “Freedom’s Enemies.” The link 404s now, of course, what with the domain having long expired, but here it is via the Internet Wayback Machine (earliest capture: March 2, 2008). This timeline, while heavy on linking Obama to Islam, says nothing about the Birther hypothesis. The site was copyrighted 2007, but I can find no indication of when that article was actually written or posted. It would of course predate the Ruthless Roundup blog post.

    Yet, as I said, it does not mention Birtherism. “Peters” apparently got that either from “FARS” or even directly from “Dave N.”’s “just for grins-and-giggles” “hypothetical” analogy scenario.

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