CA – Taitz v Obama – Supplemental Brief

Supplemental Brief

Orly has shown herself to be totally clueless about the legal system, and how to properly name and serve the relevant parties.

In her initial filing, Orly totally forgot to name and serve Occidental, thus forever losing the opportunity to appeal these issues. She tries desperately to introduce new evidence in an Appeal, something she claimed was impossible in the Alabama case… Hilarious how quickly she forgets her own insights when it comes to her own failings.

So now we have her attempting to introduce ‘new evidence’ which however already was available to her in 2008. She is trying to include Occidental and its lawyer, but still fails to follow the Court’s rules.

Can we predict another failure by our dentist friend Orly? While it is hilarious to observe the Cold Case Posse struggling with the Xerox workflow, observing Orly’s follies never turns old..


10 thoughts on “CA – Taitz v Obama – Supplemental Brief

  1. Things get worse

    She files unreadable appendices, she fails to properly redact President Obama’s social security number

    Oh and she forgot

    “[F]ailure to serve appellant’s opening brief upon any adversary effects” “a waiver or abandonment of the appeal as to the party or parties not served” “and the court in the exercise of its inherent power may dismiss the appeal on its own motion so far as concerns the respondent who has not been served with the brief.” (Cabana Nutria, Inc. v. The Way, Inc. (1958) 163 Cal.App.2d 485, 488.)

    Sanders v. Walsh, ___Cal.App.4th ___, slip op. at 24 (September 16, 2013).

  2. Has anyone done a thorough analysis of the Harry / Harrison Bounel story?

    It would be interesting to have a clear statement of what we actually know about the guy and compare it to a chronological account of the development of Orly’s mythology surrounding him.

  3. The name showed up when someone pulled Obama’s tax records. As Susan Daniels has explained, this appears to be just one of those many false data points one finds in these data.

    From there our friend became a birther myth, in spite of the facts.

  4. It would be quite a bit of work to track the hilarious failures of Bounel… I am not aware of anything that exceeds the ‘duhhh’ level…

  5. Besides, Orly conflated various first and last names from whatever source she could find… rendering him variously as Harry, Harrison, etc. and last name Brunell, Bounel, Bounell… The story she’s concocted about “him” is pure fiction, and no biographically factual narrative can really be drawn. Same with the birth year 1890. The simple explanation for BHO’s SS# being actually issued in 1980 but somewhere over the years incorrectly entered as 1890 is unacceptable to TWLIHOTU. It must be the most preposterously convoluted conspiracy in the history of mankind instead.

  6. ” BHO’s SS# being actually issued in 1980″

    This is one area where Susan Daniels proved herself as an investigator. She found the ss-5 card for a person whose SSN is one number lower (xx-xx-4424) than President Obama’s. His card was issued in March, 1977. If the SSNs are issued sequentially then President Obama must have received his card in 1977.

  7. The name Harrison J. Bounel appeared once in a skip-trace report run by Al Hendershot in May 2011. The name was associated with the Greenwood Avenue address, not with the Obama name or SSN. There was a single entry dated 11/2009. This entry could have been related to the grantor trust holds the property, to a contractor that may have done work at the house, a business that once delivered something to the house, or a data entry error. That’s it. The rest was invented out of whole cloth.

    The name was no longer associated with the address the next time the report was run. But the whole rabbit hole journey is here:

  8. Thanks for reminding me W4, once again, how the Birthers have 100% confidence in evidence that amounts to less than nothing, and ignore the 99.999999% of the evidence that points to BHO’s legitimacy.

  9. “The name was associated with the Greenwood Avenue address, not with the Obama name or SSN”
    It did have the SSN. It’s been suggested that some prankster filed a credit application to trigger a check, and chum the birther waters with the bogus record. I think that’s probably true, since it’s also been reported that there are no other indications of Harrison J. Bounel’s existence.

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