Obama Convicted by Citizens Court for Fraud

These people are so cute… Getting together with their local knitting club to ‘indict’ and sentence our President to 10 years. At best he has 3.5 years left with good behavior 🙂

Do these people really believe that their actions have any relevance?  Fascinating the level of ignorance and self-deception. I can’t wait until they try to enforce their ‘resolution’ 🙂

Sentenced to 10 years

Yesterday, the Citizen’s Court convicted President Barack Hussein Obama of lying to the American people about his birth certificate, which was alleged to be a forgery, after considerable investigation. This birth certificate, which was belatedly posted on the White House website after he was challenged about his eligibility to be president, since it was alleged that he is not a “natural born citizen” born in the United States to two American citizen parents, is not genuine but allegedly altered.

Prior to yesterday’s citizens’ judge tried conviction (see http://www.citizensgrandjury.com to view the verdict), Obama was indicted by a citizens’ grand jury in Ocala, Florida. He was served with the indictment at the White House but refused to respond and plead his innocence, leading to a non-jury trial in Ocala for his false statements over his birth certificate to the American people and the people of Florida. These alleged false statements fraudulently allowed him to be placed on the Florida presidential ballot in 2008 and 2012, ultimately leading to his election and reelection.

Our friend Klayman seems to have been the self professed ‘prosecutor’…

“In this country no one is above the law, not even a president. If Obama had been innocent, he would have had the courage to come forward and defend the citizens’ charges against him. His arrogance and deceit have been redressed, and he should, as the citizens’ court ordered, surrender himself into the custody of the American people and the people of Florida. The time has come for the people of our great nation to legally take matters into their own hands and hold politicians truly accountable.”

They are so cute in their role playing… It surely beats the failures they have in their real lives 🙂


10 thoughts on “Obama Convicted by Citizens Court for Fraud

  1. It’s amusing that, even though Obama has been “convicted” in the “Peepul’s Kourt”, Klayman still carefully refers to “alleged false statements”.
    It’s almost as though he knows that the verdict is what you might call “res judicaca”…
    Hey, here’s an idea: let’s empanel a Citizen’s Grand Court of Appeals, overturn the verdict, and send them a big bill for court costs 😉

  2. While the people at ORYR are salivating at the thought, even they realize that noone is going to take this knitting club seriously…

    They are so afraid of their ignorant views that they appear to have no problems ignoring our constitution…. Fascinating… Fear and ignorance… leading to irrational hatred…

    Obama must be doing something right then

  3. I find it pretty amusing that they’re “defending” the constitution with exactly the kind of biased and due-process-free style that helped inspire it in the first place.

  4. If we only had judges in the courts of the U.S that operated under the law of this nation , Obama would never have appeared on the ballot. Or if we only had people in our government that signed off on Obama to be on the ballot which they were suppose to have him present his birth certificate Obama would not have got on the ballot in 2008. Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean were in charge of sign off on Obama. So we do have a vetting process in place and they deliberately ignored the proper procedures which makes them principals in Obama’s fraud . They need to be tried for treason and spend the rest of their days in prison. They are dangerous people if they cared that little about this country they shouldn’t be allowed to walk around and put our precious country in the hands of enemies out to destroy on this nation. The sentence for treason is death and they should get the death penalty. According to an insider in the White House Pelosi should get the death penalty.

  5. Arrest the impostor president now, how can our army leave this enemy in our White House. This impostor has his hand on the red button, he war hungry , and if we don’t remove him now he will drag us in a www 3 in Syrian and Iran and , Russia will retaliate.

  6. Tusense96761, you are wrong, the judges have continuously operated under the law of our nation, it’s the poor birthers who have been trying to ignore out Constitution.

    Ironic is it not?

  7. You are such a fool my friend, President Obama is far from interested in a war…

    Why are you so afraid? Because you hate our President and what he stands for?

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