No evidence of Fraud. What now?

Now that the Xerox workflow has been identified as the ‘forger’ of the Whitehouse PDF and since the selective services have confirmed Obama’s registration, the Cold Case Posse has nothing left.

Slowly withering away… Totally powerless… What a waste of effort and resources, all because of a flawed premise.

And worse, no lessons learned… And the CCP has remained silent for 87 days now on the devastating findings…

How hard is it really for them to do their homework.


12 thoughts on “No evidence of Fraud. What now?

  1. Zullo had his Clown Car repossessed by Ringling Bros for lack of payments, it’s all over for the pretend cop and his clown posse.

  2. It has now been over three months since NBC conclusively demonstrated that a Xerox WorkCentre produced the original scan of the paper copy of the LFBC and the Cold Case Posse has not been able to refute anything. Garrett Papit and Mark Gillar have disappeared after leaving a few initial lame comments. Zullo says the Xerox evidence is of no concern but his only action has been to say through proxies that he is investigating NBC and me. It was not a good summer for the CCP.

  3. In the “Reality Check – We accept your challenge Mr Zullo” thread (which is now closed) NBC comments about the possibility of the scan of the LFBC bring sent to a USB stick instead of email. I seriously doubt that the WH IT dept would allow just anyone to insert a USB stick into this device. The security implications of doing that are significant and would probably be turned off. If they do allow it they should probably be dehired.

  4. I don’t recall the discussion about a USB device. On most of these machines the options are scan to email or scan to a folder on a server although I see from the specs that the 7535 does have a USB port.

  5. Yes, you could hook up a computer directly to the scanner I believe but I doubt that many companies use such a configuration

  6. I asked at Staples if they could scan to e-mail and they said no. But they can scan to a USB flash drive. I would guess that the created PDF file is the same.

  7. USB ports are useful for secure printing (for those who cannot figure out how to use it from the PC or use the follow-me feature). In addition, this would allow vendors and consultants to print without needing to give them more access to the internal network.

    On the the scanning side, there may be a benefit when the document needs to be limited to special secure networks, so cannot go through the other ways. I was not involved in our recent PCI compliance project so I am not sure, but I could see this being a use for USB scanning.

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