Cold Case Posse Refuses to consider Xerox Workflow?

Mike Zullo has been making some noise about the lack of affidavits by Obots to explain to them the Xerox workflow. OMG, are these self professed ‘law enforcement officers’ actually unable to do their own work? Do they not follow tips? Or are they not interested in clearing our President’s name after having somewhat foolishly claimed that the PDF shows evidence of forgery, when these artifacts can all be explained by a simple workflow?


Then you missed the part where Gallups says that the Xerox theory fails because it doesn’t involve just pushing one button.

@13:00 they start to discuss it.

Gallups actually says, “…pushing the button once which is all anybody would do.”

Is that what the investigation has come down to? Some clowns trying to avoid looking at the facts?

Clearly there is no criminal investigation and all they have is foolish attempts to smear our President. Let’s just hope that some Republican takes them seriously but I doubt anyone will.

What a waste of time… They will now have to live with the ridicule… And they brought it onto themselves…


8 thoughts on “Cold Case Posse Refuses to consider Xerox Workflow?

  1. Hardly used clown car for sale, $5,000.00 or best offer
    contact Mike Zullo at CCP, no offer will be refused

  2. “Do they not follow tips?”
    Oh, definitely not: at about 10:00 into the video, Corporal Zullo insists that they’re not running a “tip line”, and that everyone who has provided info to the CCP has filed a sworn affidavit and submitted to a background check.
    Ironically, a few days later, ORYR recycled a video from July 13 (the “No birth in Hawaii” one), and at almost exactly the same point in that interview, Zullo also claims that they’ve gotten “a lot of information” from people who refuse to go public.
    Maybe it’s like eating oysters: they only accept tips in months that don’t contain an “R”.

  3. Corporal Zullo insists that they’re not running a “tip line”, and that everyone who has provided info to the CCP has filed a sworn affidavit and submitted to a background check.

    Criminal investigation my *ss

    They do everything to avoid having to deal with real facts… Not unexpected… And they Xerox workflow is trivial to repeat and totally undermines their findings.

    They have no interest in the truth I must conclude…

  4. I think a good case can be made that they _have_ “considered the Xerox workflow”, and we’re seeing their considered response.
    Premise: essentially all the real “skeptics” have left the birther movement, having been satisfied by the evidence. The remaining birthers are uninterested in the facts: they embrace the narrative either because they’re ignorant or delusional, or because it provides a socially-acceptable rationalization for their prejudices (some racial, many just because he’s not part of the neandercon “tribe”).
    They’ve shown a remarkable ability to avoid or ignore facts that conflict with their tribal mythology. They won’t seek out your work, will avoid it if they’re directed to it, and mostly wouldn’t understand it if they looked at it.
    The CCP will exploit their gullibility and tribal loyalty by telling them that its “experts” have confirmed that the Xerox evidence is “of no concern”. They’ll lose some of the least-gullible in the process, but the hardcore will hang on, unless the CCP is indicted. And even then, some of the faithful will claim that it’s “persecution to conceal the truth”.
    But, even though I don’t think you’ve had a significant immediate effect on the public “debate” (such as it is), I do think you (along with those who’ve helped you nail down the workflow, of course) have had a large impact on the course of real-world events. Specifically, there are lawsuits and/or Congressional hearings that are not going to happen because opponents will be armed with your findings, and head them off.
    So, even though you may not get to see Corporal Zullo eat crowanytime soon, you should be pleased and proud that you’ve thrown a wrench into the works, and their failure to deliver on their promises will accelerate and exacerbate the collapse of their scam.

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