Zullo meet Woodall

The posting and video, initially published by ORYR have been yanked 🙂 For good reasons… Representative Woodall was shown to totally blow off Zullo’s claims… (Google Cache)

So much for irrefutable evidence… Mission accomplished 🙂

Here is a report


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  1. What was most fascinating to me (I watched it twice before it was suddenly pulled) was the complete vacuum of anything new, novel or compelling in Zullo’s “presentation” to the Congressman. For months Zullo and Gallups have been insisting that they have other secret information that they are keeping secret and saving for the VIPs. Well… here was one of those VIPs. Here was the absolutely key audience that Zullo (and allegedly Arpaio) have identified as the folks who can get something done (i.e. launch a congressional investigation). If there was any time to bring out the big guns, this was it.

    And we heard absolutely nothing new. Worse, we heard absolutely nothing that was original with the Posse. Zullo essentially gave a basic (if sometimes confused) rundown of several standard and long refuted birther memes. Most of them had originated with Jerome Corsi on WND before the Posse was even chartered with this “investigation.” All of them were complete snoozers.

    Realize that this was the only inside look we have gotten at any of Zullo’s “meetings with VIPs.” And it was dismal. Zullo is a horrible salesman, and one can only wonder how he managed to stay in the car business so much longer than he did in the police or the PI business. He seemed completely unprepared, not even certain what points he wanted to make. He rambled, piled on detail in the absence of context, changed subjects almost randomly and never even hinted at what he wanted the Congressman to do with the information.

    Also… it’s worth noting that he seemed anxious to get past the PDF and talk more about other stuff. In his description, he actually hedged on the explanations for the “anomalies.” He uncharacteristically stressed that skeptics could not explain “all of the anomalies” in tacit recognition (it appeared to me) that most of them can be. He could have hardly changed the subject faster had he never mentioned the PDF at all.


    It’s kinda hard to be completely certain since it was pulled as soon as I started making these same observations on the birther blogs.

  2. Carl Gallups was on the Wheresobamasbithcertificate blogtalk program yesterday. He added nothing new. But I got the feeling there was more of the ‘if nothing happens, then Zullo will go out of his way to make everything public’. Even if it comes after President Obama leaves office. He said a couple of times that Congressman Stockman may not do anything.


  3. They are such fools… Xerox debacle… The only debacle we have seen so far is the CCP’s failure to properly consider a Xerox WorkCentre…

    They are desperate, as indicated by their claims about Obots and connections…

    What a sham… Zullo sharing criminal investigation materials with Carl Gallup?…
    There is no criminal investigation other than the actions by some private citizens who could not get their act together.

    Totally clueless and no effort to rebut my findings.
    And noone is taking them seriously…

  4. Did you hear all of his lame excuses for why they could not get together with Stockman for an interview? The whole “persons of interest” line of inquiry must be the new dodge since it is pretty clear the Congressional investigation has crapped out. I wonder if the next thing is misidentify White House or DOJ personnel as Obots?

  5. . I wonder if the next thing is misidentify White House or DOJ personnel as Obots?

    They could not be that incompetent now could they?

    Never mind 🙂

  6. To give you a sense of how little the MCCCP has accomplished in two years, Gallups has been crowing for the last week or so over these alleged “persons of interest.” Well, this is what Zullo had to say at the original MCCCP Press Conference on March 1, 2012:

    “We do have… we do… We have identified a person of interest in the forgery of the birth certificate. We are not prpared to give any more information that that. But we have identified an individual.”

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/83474057/Arpaio-Transcript-1-MAR-12 , P17

    For those doing the math that was 18 1/2 months ago, and nothing appears to have changed since.

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